The Huawei P30 had been two previous RAM journeys


This is this one March 26 the date chosen Huawei phone to show the new line cell phone P30. Because of his high aspirations due to its qualities, that is new filtration It will show some important information.

According to some product forms, published by GSMArena, the P30 may be accessed 6 u 8GB memory RAM. For his part, his inner memory I arrived 128GB.

in terms of RAM, he would be far past that of the past, before P20, who had only one 4 GB. However, there has been little progress on capacity, since then the number would wait. For his, the P30 Pro that would be 8GB RAM, and his storage capacity between 128 and 256GB. If we compare it to time P20 Prowe would have another important leap from this one 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB remember inside.

Also, there are references to a third model of the line P30would be an improvement P20 Lite. However, and how much like this not yet 100% correct informationso we have to wait until 26 March to learn more about these designations.

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