The Hubble is locked & # 39; Another hard, dark spot in the Neptune atmosphere


NASA has secured new shared images with Teileascop Space Hubble, which has seen a great storm in the northern Uranus pole and a dark and confidential secret position. in Neptune, as a previously-mentioned philosophy that has been found in several times is the OPA OPAL mission framework and which shows there is a storm in the atmosphere of the planet.

Although they are not clear how they are created, experts have emerged, such as the iconic Great Red of Jupiter, the Stupid Neptune They are circulated in an anticyclonic route and they appear to drag objects from the bottom; planet.

Until this recently, scientists thought that it was a special feature in which, Great Red Spot Anticyclonic Voice. But, thanks to the Voyager probes, which was introduced into space in the 80's, the group started to spell it; think they were wrong.

Following a series of similar campaigns, the pictures that Hubble built in 1994 They confirmed that Neptune was also equipped with such devices, one was baptized as the Dark Spot Mòr.

The scientific interest in the eighth planet was revived by the Hubble data published in 2016, which was examined by the University of California (SA), that Jupiter is like Neptune's phones for centuries, but they are disappearing about two years.

The last statues of Neptune, which were found in September last year, showed another large & stain & # 39; of almost 11,000 kilometers wide in the northern hemisphere of a planet, surrounded by a bright white cloud that is, in fact, a & # 39; metal ice crystals as a result of ice frost.

As it is in Neptune, the image obtained from Ùraus shows a large series of storms of storm at the moment; north pole, emerging as a result of the rotation of a casualty to a planet. So, the north and south poles, are directly marked on the # 39; sunshine or still hidden from it, which creates sudden changes in temperature, along with flies and clouds.

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