The icon of Ronaldo that went on for an unusual purpose


Cristiano Ronaldo It is the largest speed of Portugal. An Juventus football Destroy to Eusebio and the Portuguese player abstained; It was better all the time. This honored him in different parts of the Iberian country. One of these places is your home, Funchal, located in the town Madeira Island, where there were four images for over three meters to honor the football player.

This one a large structure, which is very similar to the recent football player in Manchester United, is more than 800 kilograms. It is to be located near the town's ports for the need; of the tourists there. But, image of Cristiano Ronaldo he went viral for an unusual purpose. Are those travelers specializing in the image of their & # 39; a football player as a result of a special thing.

An an amazing structure It has a special beat in the groin area that catches tourist attraction. This means that the people who do Visit Funchal featuring funny and humorous images around the image. However, the worst of this situation, since that area is always surrounded by visitors, now it is more than shooting more than it's, rest of the image and stands out even more.

Although there are carved which was released in 2014 is estimated for this reason, Portuguese city authorities are safer to spread this. Is that a special image cradle to & # 39; football player, according to Rcord Portagail newspaper, more tourists, especially from the Lusitanian country itself.

This is not the first time Cristiano Ronaldo He has a problem with dignity. In 2017, it was renamed Madeira International Airport and set up a bust that was similar to the performer. This created a lot of singing and humor that caused uncomfortableness in the author of the work. In the Funchal sculpture case, it looks great, but the scenes also came.

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