The idea of ​​Maha Abu Auf was taken in the jail and things that could be done


Artist Maha Abu Ouf said she thinks the snore is, there is a saying: "I'm clean because Adam's structures are in the same sense, in the sense that you have caught him." a need for breakdown, in which you live and create it, and not use it.

When she spoke to artist Sharif Mounir and her daughter Asma, she said the program "I and Benti" which was broadcast through the channel ON, if she saw a black cat "collapse". that she does not pass from the "ladder" at all levels, and does not give him a "one coin" because he presents difficulties, and continues on " and there is no thrush of the shears that are open open but sweet as well as blubber and salt not sweet. '

Maha Abu Ouf explained that if she wanted to give someone a "pin or pin", she would put it on board or the item in front of her and take it from him and not give it to him, as that would be a problem between her. T e and i.

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