The idea of ​​Master Race & # 39; officially White Kansas calls for his appointment


Kansas governor is among a number of officers calling for a white county commissioner to resign his position after he has been using the word "chiefmaster" long & He is talking to black councilors at a public meeting this week.

The commissioner, Louis Klemp of Leavenworth County, made the news on Tuesday as long as he was going to; criticizing the options for lands that Penelton Triveece provides, which works for an architecture and design company.

According to a video record of the meeting, Mr Klemp told Ms. Penelton: "I do not want you to think I'm getting up because we're part of the racemaster. You know your gap is a dent. You are the main clan. Never remember that. "

After the local news media commented on the ideas, officials, including the two other county commissioners, wanted to retire, Kansas City Star said. On Saturday, Jeff Colyer, Republican, moved the name of the list, saying in a statement that "a racist language and discrimination that has no place in our society, and especially when someone with an office public speaking. "

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