The idea that testosterone is higher in older science "


Cordelia Fine (1975) is a British born psychologist in Canada and Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Melbourne (Australia). In addition, it is a wild proof that strives with its books on some common legends that are still rooted on the generic differences inside men and women .

In 2010, Fine Fame was famous for his book Beauty beads, where he received the word & # 39; neurosexism, with which it is & # 39; mentions the "neuroscientific statements that reinforce genre without scientific justification". Later on, in 2014, he warned the magazine Science of the sea of ​​sexuality that declines on how researchers are experiencing see the brain.

In 2017 he published Testosterone rex, in which he argued that not just sexualities in sexual occupations, have disappeared and today: change is made much more likely than we are doing; think. The famous hormone that gives the title of the book is one of the targets, but not the only one. We talked to her taking advantage of her last Spanish publication of her book (Paidós, 2018).

What is it? Testosterone rex?

The phrase that I have been to draw to create the beliefs that are familiar with biological and human nature, depending on the change that is favorable for men to be more competitive and dangerous because That is to improve the breeding success of our ancestors. As a result, according to these comments, male brains are testosterone-led.

Believe that that kind of man's guy is; there Testosterone rex It is based on old scientific modules, which do not respond to what species is understood in biology, geography and psychology. I chose the name & king, which means a king in Latin, because men have more power in the world of women.

"You can not identify people in a two-dimensional habitat, everyone's features can be male and female"

In his book, he ensures that we " denying that an old male model does not reject science. Despite this, we still tend to think that the differences we are experiencing; Look between men and women in a natural society and have come true. Why is the joy left the legend Testosterone rex ?

[Ríe mucho]. I think it's a question; for others, apart from me. Do you mean the people or researchers?

Scientists want more attention to me.

Inspectors inspect their control and do not; understand how others have changed. The field of psychology that is a species review has disappeared from a & # 39; Encourage the species as two destinations, to realize that you can not identify people in a two-dimensional habitat, as individuals can have feminine and male features.

At the same time, people who work from a biological perspective and try to hormone, testosterone, are linked to all male mental beings. This does not make sense in the old model of a smile that is; including a closed folder, but it does not work when we look at all the parts that can be held in the same person.

You checked it out Beauty beads The work of researcher Simon Baron-Cohen, who categorizes the tools in two types: one is a typical, typical of women, and another that is regular, more normal. In the na the last inspection sure to prove this theory. They do not criticize them anyway. Do you think there are two types of brains?

He is one of the leading advocates who are thinking about; and women feeling emotional. One of the problems I have expressed in the book is and I see in the new study that it is; measure symmetry and behavioral systematization through questionnaires with questions such as & # 39; Do I have a good understanding of what other people feel? & # 39; A good page of surveys show that, indeed, a & # 39; influencing our own abilities [risas]. It is easier to make a questionnaire as a measure of behavior, but it's a wrong way.

When characterizing characterization is systematized, they do not & # 39; measure the ability to understand how a system works, but the interest of all those who participate in activities that are traditionally related to men. The research title rarely describes brains when branches have not been examined, but short questionnaires were distributed. That does not look at the brain, it's a? Analyze per stereotypes.

"It's very likely to draw gender stereotypes to fill the gaps in our scientific knowledge"

Even if they are questionnaires, make the differences a & # 39; show that men and women think differently?

These differences were just very few. One of the two types of brains, exercise or systemization does not have a high score, which means that you; to achieve a small extent elsewhere, or that the brain is specialized in one or another species. Indeed, someone of the empathic type can affect someone else in the systematic system. It is complex. It reminds me of a colleague who tried the test to have a male or female brain. Tell me that he did not do so much in both, so he should not have a brain [ríe].

We, people, categorize differences in people's behavior through a species and species lens, which are the largest social divisions, and The first thing you see in a person. However, you do not belong to average people, but to an individual: in fact, someone's sex is not familiar with; allows you to predict what's like.

The questionnaires are incomplete, but is it better to watch their brain directly? I'm thinking of the & # 39; fever that happened to the magnetic fur imaging (fMRI) surveys until the data was seen to be poorly monitored and that a dead salmon was detected; show different emotions according to the picture given.

When you examine your brain, you will look at an organ that has survived. It is not recorded or kept unchanged, but it is the result of the interaction between biology and experiences owned by the owner. Differences between brains are clear according to their biological species, but these differences do not comprise two divisions, male and female brain; Even to create a continuous spectrum from a smile to women.

However, if there are differences inside men and women, should not they be represented in our behavior?

In a unique way, there is, however, an incredibly complicated behavioral way, that it is difficult to determine the relationship between genetic differences in the brain and their behavior for an eunologist.

As well as having gender differences in the brain or have a bearing on behavior, we need to be very careful by explaining what they are doing; mean. It is very likely to draw gender stereotypes to fill that gap into our scientific knowledge.

In that way, look at the & # 39; The idea that inequalities between men and women are defined by these differences, including Testosterone rex It protects that, and # 39; Starting from different differences, men and women have moved to equality. No, how does it contain a summary in his book, that is 3 + 1 = 2 + 2.

When we see a generic difference in biology, we tend to think that these types of things are the ones that are. making male and female different. It is more interesting to see, in many cases, that the two behavioral species are in a similar way that differs from different brain, chemistry and hormone levels.

"Today's psychology has been in psychology. The scientific goal is extremely useful, but there are harder ways to do it"

Another reason is that it is difficult to attach brain and behaviors together, as sometimes, there are no differences that are; put up, but fight against each other. In some species of birds, the breadth of the songs is male and female doubling, but both of them; Sing equals because they are more active. It is an example of how compensation makes similar things to behave.

In his book he erases & # 39; imaginative accounts of that male alpha that can create hundreds of children throughout his life, which would be common for male behavior in front of the women, who had little or no descendants. How far is he responsible for maintaining these legends in a controversial area such as the psychological psychology?

There is advanced psychology, which is easy to distribute and attract attention, and Attend many people to access ideas for development. The science that explores behavior from an advanced perspective has many branches and not what I am; It is going to say that it belongs to everyone, but the advanced psychology is older. It is not right with current knowledge of advanced biology.

The general principle is to try to gain an understanding of the personal and final features that are in place; people 's behavior shape. The scientific objective is very good, but there are harder ways to do. I leave it there [ríe].

Report another in your book Testosterone rex He dies. Do you think biology and development are used to explain the differences between the species in good health?

There are psychological studies that show that this type of deep and rooted beliefs about differences between men and women are used strategically at times when status quo It is in danger. They serve the system to protect inequality.

At the same time, I see a worrying laughter that is assuming that there must be a kind of harmonization of studies such as Baron-Cohen's political promotion. If the opponent has to prove that the problem can not be done; Look at the facts and not really. In fact, the complaints are not directed that this type of research has been done, but on the definitions or problems in its approach.

"The use of beliefs about the words of men and women is strategically to protect inequality"

When we interpret inequalities, which we are away from, the woman can not & # 39; That's not a & # 39; woman wants & # 39 ;?

True, there has been a change in the definitions status quo. First they said women were lower in mind to explain imbalance. Then it is said to have been mentioned as being of interest. We recognize that the most common features in men are those that are essential for being good in post, although the average differences between the small species. That is what forgetting that anti-discrimination laws are less than fifty years old and that there is still a profound cultural legacy that is still affecting us.

How do you find a balance between the elimination of a salmon brain to the behavior of humans and their; refusing our nature?

That is a question: where people are going to; answer? In fact we have come to an end. Testosterone is present in many genres, but hormone is more than something that poses behaviors in a particular way. In fact, these materials respond to the environment and change them to date. It would be strange to see what happens in other animals and then think our behavior is follow a fixed pattern.

As well as having a lot of unintelligible, what's a? giving special people the diversity of the social, economic and social environment in which we live. We have become impossible and flexible. Our culture is a powerful estate tool: that is part of our history of progress and we need to make it very much.

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