The iMac 5k 2019 with Core i9-9900K, is faster than the iMac Pro!


The results were expected, but today they show that there are some inconsistencies in Apple's office machinery.Of course, a performance test of the fastest file available, with Core i9-9900K, recorded GeekBench. The tool offers a score of 6314/33713 against 5 684/19 372 in single and multi-faceted format 2017: t

No doubt, doubling the number of hearts has been very great (here we go between 4 and 8), but also notes the very clear benefit on one heart, with nearly 1000 differences. We are also aware that in 2017 the iMac Pro-8 provides a score of 4918/27584 and version 10-core 5189/30952, which is almost the same thing as our device. the general public. However, the iMac does not yet match the 18-key model and its score of 40605 in multiple hearts. Bearing in mind that everything is, Xeon holds some benefits, in terms of frequency stability, wide breadth and strength in long calculations.

us it is clear that there will be a return to the performance of this iMac 2019, which also benefits from a more powerful graphic tour – but this time, always lower than the iMac Pro

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