The importance of our booster for our ecosystem


Last Friday, a record that affected him the nest of the bats in the middle of Santiago, between the streets of Santo Domingo and Miraflores.

LEABH A-STEACH: [VIDEO] They record a nest of bats in the middle of the street in the center of Santiago

These mammals are usually associated with sausages and so they will wake up great fear in the crowd, however, They are very important to our ecosystem and are protected by law.

According to the Agriculture and Agriculture Service (SAG), these animals are very beneficial for silvo-agricultural activity and the maintenance of ecosystems, since they are working pest controllers and pollinator.

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<p itemprop=At night They hunt nocturnal insects that can harm people, animals and plants, allowing them to even catch more thousand mosques per hour.

In addition, muriciélagos work as flower polygon and even seeds spread in ecosystems, whether they are in jungles or deserts.

What do you do if you find bats at home?

If you encounter a bat to meet, that is to first thing that keeps memory These mammals are protected by Hunting Hunt, so killing is banned.

For the same reason, people they need to communicate with the local Health Department or their home, so that the specialty teams can capture the symbol.

If a person's bat appears, he should Visit a health center to visit the vaccine against the vaccine scheme.

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