The income of Maroc Telecom achieved well


Maroc Telecom has just published its consistent results for its quarterly quarter of 2018 which is marked by the positive achievement that has been achieved. Despite the environment that is characterized by major changes and real competitive drama.

The steady growth in income from Morocco activity continues to increase by 4.6% in 2018, to 21 414 million manhams. This growth is run by revenue from the Data Mobile pool (+ 5.0% compared to 2017).

By the end of 2018, Mobile reached 19.1 million users, up 2.9% in one year, driven by the increase in the number of postpaid customers (+ 12.8%) and prepayment (+1.8%), As long as mobile revenue recorded the fourth quarter of continuous increase (4.7% to 13.966 million dirhams).

The 5.4% growing fleet is now at 1.8 million lines at the end of December 2018, while the broadband fleet has risen by 8.9% to almost 1.5 one million. Subscribers.
The line was set up and the MAD businesses marketed 9,239 million, up 3.1% from 2017 due to growth in the parks.

At the time of these results, Abdeslam Ahizoune, Chairman of its Management Boards, updated for a new mandate: " In its home market and its subsidiary companies, data-led growth is, reinforce the relevance of its Organization's investment strategy. Continuous control of costs allows to & # 39; Group has posted a significant increase in its profitability despite the new taxes introduced in specific countries of attendance".

Finally, in terms of Maroc Telecom's vision for the year 2019, Abdeslam Ahizoune said " transformation and digital innovation will become more of our strategic priorities during this year. "

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