The inconvenient disaster suffered by Jhendelyn Núñez in Miami for New Year


Model q Núñez they decided New Year outside the country and chose the city of Miami, the United States to mark those dates.

However, his fierce queen at the Viña del Mar Festival was a tubaist during her holiday.

Through the "stories" of Instagram he told the difficult time he was alive.

"I want to tell you that I'm going to crack in the New Year preview and we hit gringo. He met his wife in the area. Then you will realize that I did not eat a very clean salad. Super fome ", he started counting.

Instagram Jhendelyn Núñez

Then he learned how the disaster happened, but he gave them funny, nothing was to be done.

"Here the secrets are more visible. My porridge is correct, I think"She said.

Instagram Jhendelyn Núñez

Fortunately, he did not have a big disaster and could do the full design he had prepared for the Year & New time with a custom and share this picture She had white clothes for the market.

Instagram Jhendelyn Núñez

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