The Indian coach will clean up Vietnam, a & # 39; think Thailand has talent


Sunday, 11/18/2018 00:14 AM (GMT + 7)

Indonesia Bima Sakti Thai coach commended Thailand and said the team would be the campaigns.

Indonesian coaches expect Thailand to win

The Indonesian coach Bima Sakti was unhappy after he lost 2-4 to Thailand. Speaking after & # 39; game, he agreed: "We fell very quickly after the second goal. The players were spoiled in mind and made a lot of mistakes, that is why we lost. Lan is extremely Strong, many of its great players and strikers, I think Thailand will have the best chance to win the league this year. "

Coach Calisto "admired" Park Hang Seo

Looking Vietnam to & # 39; hitting Malaysia in the AFF Cup A8 2018, Henrique Calisto's coach is a great deal. Appreciate a Fine game in this Hang Park

"Vietnam broke on a great attack." Playing a game, people see that the Malayis team is more invasive and defensive, but that Vietnam is a campaign to make challenges. It is my pleasure to ask for and just wait for the right time to complete the opponent. I like the way that Park Hang coach here is built for Vietnam. Calisto Coach said.

18/11 AFF Cup: An Indonesian coach received a Vietnam receipt, which has a Thailand - 1 concert

Calisto Coach was very happy with her. to play a game with Vietnam fo Park Hang Seo

Myanmar was "contaminated" before Vietnam was welcomed

After Laos influenced, Myanmar returned home with a plane tired. At November 17, the teacher would have to leave Mr Antoine Hey Laos for a flight to Bangkok, Thailand. However, this team is at 12:30 p.m. but you have to wait until 18:00 p.m. to continue to connect to Yangon (Myanmar).

Burmese fans require Vietnam fans to not flares

Recently, when Myanmar has indicated that he will send 2,400 tickets to the visitors, some fans have been disturbed. "Do not take slates to the blade." Vietnam fans are great on this, Burma's security forces need to be investigated.

Malay players went into tears after they lost to Vietnam

The Malaysian journalist, Hermy Rahim, has long been recorded as a Sumareh player who was a face to face when his counterparts defeated their fans after losing 0-2 on Vietnam. "The players were so tough, and for Sumareh alone, he could not keep tears back."

Emergency "southeast Asia" along with the national game of Vietnam fans

Many suggestions from the countries you sent to Vietnam's team and fans when they were showing the stadium My Dinh's siege; Sing the national hymn in the match against Malaysia. "I'm a jealous of Vietnamese fans, and I'm sorry for my country," said one of Singapore fans, Price Iskandar. The atmosphere was so big. I recommend you. "

Thailand to press Indonesia: Power Capacity Power Station

An international theme has been highly influenced by Thailand's Indonesia influence.

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