The innovative scheme of its fingers did not affect its & # 39; game –


Hoffenheim co-president, Julian Nagelsmann, commented on Shakhtar's game.

Shakhtar won the Hoffenheim case and held the opportunities for the League League.

"At first, they made two difficult mistakes that led to goals. They missed the unfortunately both. In general, we made good protection in most programs. think that his / her innovative scheme has not influenced his / her game course, "and" mentions Nagelsmann. The official website of her / herSouth Westerly

"In the first half, it was difficult to achieve our chances, as we lost two goals quickly. This affected the development of events. Then we got the score in a degree. Then it was difficult , because we were afraid of the early Shakhtar campaigns. We were looking for a fair balance. Indeed, the opponent had times – he hit his mail twice, but At that time, I think we should have the score 4: 2. Zuber hit his crossbone, there were hundreds of opportunities … such balls What happened to the team's goals as yet to win a game. It's incredible. "

"It's really tough. It's really a 90-minute loss in 90 minutes. We played a great deal in the majority, and the game was very intense and intense. We got a lot of energy and even create three months. "

"The move is far-scaled? It's a football. I always want to take over. If we played in custody, we would & # 39; ask why we did not play to win. "

"In the first game by Shakhtar, we defended the last minute, and despite that we lost the second goal. It is not true that we could score In fact, after the truth, I would like to finish 2: 2, not 2: 3. But we tried to win We believe that it is an attack. 39, in the best protection. We believe that the best defense is in an attack. With Gerta, on the way, also show if you protect the whole team, it's not enough for you to keep the score. If I was a journalist, ask me such a question. But I'm telling you honestly: I always want to win.

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