The InSight inspection will scrutinize within its & # 39; planet Mars for the first time


After a trip to Mars for a half year, NASA's "NASA investigations" will have the NASA company where you need to use paranutics and climbers so that it does not harm. If everything is done according to the plan, it will attract 2.24 meters in the second and add its motto cases to the # 39; red planet to check inside. The route is going on for this Monday.

There is no other capacity to the head of Tom Hoffman, project manager. "The team has been working hard for a number of years and is ready for this time. Finally, we can implement all our", he made a summary.

It is a rectangle of 10 x 24 kilometers in the access door for the probe. Aim that, compared to the 479 million kilometers that needed the overseas, for scientists, in a lifetime, "How do you aim from 130,000 kilometers". During the first 25 seconds of approach, InSight will add its heat shield and a brief before it affects the Martian wildcat, use the radar to find the distance and distance to the ground.

Despite the hope, the conflicts are in place and are well established: only 40 per cent of the campaigns that different space groups have moved to Mars are unreasonable. For this reason, it is important to access the format, but also the reasons why it is; move forward, such as the traction of the vessel, and the variations at the atmosphere, such as the wind speed and the density of the atmosphere.

Although the InSight features, its American space organization has a good role: it can choose a friendly surface, and are qualified as "the largest park on Mars", the areas of Elysium Planitia. In addition, the vessel, which cost more than 360 kilos, costs more than 360 kilos and costs around $ 1 billion, landed in a hazardous storm if necessary. "Once it's up, the team will start the Land to process the best places to put the" scientific ", the specialist is explained.

The purpose is intended to check for the first time within its & # 39; red planet with two main instruments. The seismograph, which monitors and eats; Exploring new ideas caused by earthquakes and meteorite effects. And probe a thermal current that inserts 15 times more into the ground than any other hard products, to accurately verify the level of heat that is discharging from its campaigns .

For NASA it will be tested to measure it "Large signage" Mars by hitting (seismology) and its temperature (heat flow). "The engineers will take the time to decide on the next steps. And once the instruments are set, InSight spent the next year Martian (26 months of Earth) to watch keep on these signs, "said Hoffman.

In addition, special cameras that create high quality color images and, if not enough, two spaceships called Mars Cube One, have been flying on Behind InSight and try to pull data and open a new way of communication with Earth.

Why are you searching inside Mars? For decades ago and several reports have established that it should be one of the scientific priorities, and although a number of missions have been proposed in the following years, none of them have to travel successfully. That is why international expectation for this Monday was: as well as being a real contributor to the Spanish and German spatial organizations, who delivered the main instruments, work the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Poland.

That is to explore inside deep Mars, we can learn how other rocky planets, such as Earth and its; moon. In a short time, it is a close relationship, created from the basic elements, over 4,500 million years ago.

We did not learn from the cold world, this rocky wilderness creates a light on our own lives. And, above all, it is essential to perform one of the great dreams on its; Parade in the history of the area's strength: to insert human explorer into the Martian surface.

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