The InSight put the selfie machine away from Mars


The InSight put the selfie machine away from Mars

The second photograph of the new Marsh spaceboat

The InSight spacecraft at NASA's other redesigned Red Planet spacecraft came from Mars after landing.

The InSight Space Agency Space Agency research group was drawn from the Mars photograph of the Red Planet, built during the day after landing. About this on Tuesday, November 27, the media service in the American division.

"This non-glossy camera, in the hands of NASA InSight, is on the surface of Martian on November 26 – the only day on land on the Red Planet," a & # 39; reporting NASA.

According to his ministry, the photograph was pulled to the ground with the spell of Sports itself, which now is fly orbit around Mars.

Earlier, InSight's search engine from NASA's spatial body launched the first image of the planet from Mars, but it was not tall because the device itself was covered with dust.

Remembering, & # 39; Automatic control of an informal air carrier InSight launched on May 5, and on November 26, he successfully landed Mars. It is thought that the device will be within two years; Investigate the depth of its Red Planet to explore the structure and internal production.

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