The InSight survey of Mars Land successfully and its; send his first picture


NASA is the eighth time to reach Mars, this mission with a mission to go to # 39; investigate red planet.

After several minutes of bad weather we have NASA to prove that InSight certification He successfully succeeded on Mars's surface and has already cast out his first picture out of his red planet.

The event was held at 19:53 GMT after seven years of work and about seven months of travel through space, where the most difficult were just "seven minutes of sight" in the InSight induction process to a & # 39; planet, in particular to possess and "go on land" from which; Unexpected conditions can be damaged.

Fortunately, everything was done according to their plan, and # 39; identify how the parachute was installed and the use of retro rockets to reduce the pace from 19,800 km / h to 8 km / h.

All sizes of those rooms were broadcast live and the successful decision was marked in a good way from the Jet Jet Delegation Laboratory Control Center in Pasadena, California, from where they went to & # 39 ; InSight confirmation of the first photograph that can be viewed below:

InSight Audit

As prepared earlier, this $ 993 million confirmation will be analyzed and published. Mars surface survey to hear important information about how the planet was created 4,500 million years ago and how it evolved throughout history. For this reason the device has tools and tools that allow analysis of various elements, including seismic turmoil and discharge temperatures.

You can follow the actions of the InSight program from your NASAInSight account on Twitter.

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