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– The owner of Da Nang-Quang Ngai expressway said that failure was used to protect defensive water products. After thinking, the unit has allowed staff to take away the failure last night.

Highway 34,000 billion to reach 6/10 points: Review of the reservoir and the contractor
The fastest 34,000 billion accountant speaker & # 39; matrix of project offers

In the evening, in Da Nang – Quang Ngai high passenger tunnel, passing through stones 4 (Tam My Tay commune, Nui Thanh area, Quang Nam area) The area is about 20x30cm, some of the places to go out.

Speaking to VietNamNet last year, said Ho Duy Diem, an architect, who was the leader of Danang's home planning, had a preserved failure; going to water-water, this is a way of doing "covered eyes" over time. At the areas where water is leaky, if it grows, the pressure of the water is pushed as still water; sink.

34,000 billion Highway, Da Nang's behavior - Quang Ngai, high speed
Da Nang international Da Nang – Quang Ngai Expressway

Mr Diem said that bridges on the road were burned in underground tunnels, now it is difficult to recover well. During the construction process, when the concrete is poured into the gutters there is always a gap with a specific width; water away from here.

"Because the immersion pumping is not stable with the split level, the places are still still drinking water. Normally, there is no glue tied to the stone, with a hot weather in its & # 39; the middle, if the behaviors and stone are not equal, still create a gap, "he explained.

Tapes to protect waterproof products

Deputy Director of Express Express Vietnam Vietnam Expression (VEC), Da Nang – The Quang Ngai reservoir Le Quang Hao has said that there is a prescriptive failure to protect water-protection materials. After appearing, last year the unit let staff go away to remove their failure.

Depending on, underground tunnels that people exposed through the DH 5 road in the A2 packet with a & # 39; construction company of Shandong Bridge Construction (China) as construction contractor.

Mr Hao explained, at a tunnel site in the tunnel that shows that the works have been pumped for a water protection material to protect sika water. However, due to the situation that is happening at the top of the tunnel, when the skae pumped due to its flexible, easy to use; sailing, so staff used movement failure. To protect the material, the dry sika will remove the movement failure.

"The contractors have burned in the tunnels, bridges are on the road. We're watching the water for trying to steal this," said Hoa.

34,000 billion Highway, Da Nang's behavior - Quang Ngai, high speed
According to VEC, the reserved failure is used to protect the water protection material
34,000 billion Highway, Da Nang's behavior - Quang Ngai, high speed
Tape failure location
34,000 billion Highway, Da Nang's behavior - Quang Ngai, high speed
In the tunnel there are 4 fault sites attached
34,000 billion Highway, Da Nang's behavior - Quang Ngai, high speed
On the afternoon of November 21, a failure at many places in the houses

Previously, on the 28th of October, a BV was introduced, on the Da Nang bridge – Quang Ngai from Da Nang – Tam's bridges show a surprise in watering, stagnant water. The construction of the drainage system is not completed and emergency contractors are required to repair the emergency.

Highway 34,000 billion: Flat Failure, Failure to Fold "width =" 145 "height =" 101

34,000 billion Highway: movement failure, flat stickers, to face clothing

In the Da Nang – Quang Ngai tunnel tunnels are scarce enough to prevent burning.

Main 34,000 billion sites: Minister Quang Ngai to investigate responsibility "width =" 145 "height =" 101

34,000 billion pixel distance: The Quang Ngai waters supervise ministers of concern

Describe the urgent concerns of the Da Nang-Quang Ngai expressway project, Pham Thi Thu Trang about the responsibility of the Minister of Transport.

Crime early 4 years 34,000 billion: Award area "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Crime is a fast 4 years 34,000 billion: A prize that is praised in the area

Farmers in the Quang Ngai department have accumulated evidence of crime when the A3 Da Nang – Quang Ngai package was praised for an award.

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