The internal tax government decided: from today, what cars will pay 20% in addition to the value


The Government raised the minimum rate of fee within its fee to the "luxury cars", a tax that is is applied to the value of a 0km special car value from January 2014. He published it today in the Official Gazette and is already legitimate.

Typically, the 20% rate will affect cars who has a large price (from factory to seller) equal to or more than $ 1,400,000, that is, those who buy for about $ 2,000,000 or more.

So, the minimum amount rises without taxes 55.6%. Until December, the tax was charged to $ 900,000 and for the public sales of $ 1,300,000. As a result of the increase in the dollar, this sum had been terrible and affected midfielders, including some domestic products.

From this, some cars up the price (longer than the monthly adjustment for inflation) and others will down. Those who will "yesterday" grow to "grow" or "frozen" at the doors of $ 1,300,000 to avoid the tax. And those who, before this renewal, sold from $ 1,300,000 to $ 2,000,000.

The tax renewal was also used on a motorcycle. The smallest without taxation amounted to $ 140,000 to $ 380,000 (+ 171.43%) wholesale; that is, about $ 420,000 to the public.

The tax basics for cars and motorcycle will be updated depending on the difference of User & Price (CPI) to provide a National Statistics and Account Institute for the calendar quarter to end the month just before the update is made. The reconciliation is scheduled for April.

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