The International Speech Station is full of flexible discs


The international spa station seems to need a garage sale. The spelliller Alexander Gerst, who is currently living in a place, found a room of flexible threads placed in one of the lockers on board.

ISS recently celebrated its 20th anniversary on November 20. As CNET saw, Gerst sent a picture of his old technology, saying "Find my vegetation on the @Space_Station that has not been opened for a while." In addition to Norton's Utilities for Windows 95/98, the folder also contains a few "Divided Personal Support Support Data" files. The most likely application is for what they are doing; refers to the old sheets of William Shepherd and Sergei Krikalev, who were members of a group in 2000 in the first mission of ISS, Expedition 1.

Kudos to Gerst for not doing the same bad dysfunction to everyone else; online. ISS, try to think about spring cleaning.

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