The iPad mini iPad iPad supported Apple Pencil and Plockton


After years without updates, Apple seems to release a new iPad, and should see the day in the coming weeks.

According to the developer Steve Troughton-Smith, which is already at the beginning of many of the searches in iOS adults, the record should support the Apple Pencil and the Smart Printing. In terms of the keyboard, it may be a special module, smaller than the previous one, but the tablet could remove the SmartConnector port … if the Apple to using Bluetooth technology.

For the stylus, we are also banking Apple Pencil on the first generationas the menu should still be using Lightning and Touch IDs. Apple generally wants to offer an affordable price, so it seems reasonable that he does not provide the most recent version of his parts (Face ID, Apple Pencil 2 …) . The cover may probably have been tied to the screen, just like on iPad 6, which is very bad.

Troughton-Smith is not proofing This information is uploaded to the latest iOS 12.2 beta, but the name of its code (J210, J211, J217, and J218), however, seems to be the different differences.

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