The iPhone sells in 2019 according to these preliminaries


2019 could have been a difficult year for Apple if the data that emerges with these reports and reinforcing an iPhone sales repression.

applesIn the past weeks we have seen how Distribution They have lost value. The reason is to lie in the weak demand; there new iPhone models was launched by Apple Apple's last year's apple company.

Situations that have not been aware of investors waiting for 2019 have to take sufficient account.

This photo was distributed by the Nomura Group, analyst, expert in the mobile device department in China. Your future decision Clothes Very clear: there will be no major changes IPhone design.

Sad storytelling as it would be a real change to Apple's trip. Unwritten agreement is only heard by users who value the iPhone's huge changes that are brought to their own. market every two years.

Nomura notes in his report that they are " feeling Barrons, the smart phones of Apple's smart phones have very few of the design phones. It's almost obvious.

The publications would come in the technologies that would include them expanded truth.

The report shows, in line with this future position, IPhone sales fall into the fiscal year of 2019 Up to 204 million dollars from the 213 million dollars reported in 2018.

If this move is maintained for 2020, income from iPhone sales they would be in the 200 million dollars.

"We think 2019 is the year in which the iPhone is used for the last architectural architecture of the iPhone X" included in the report.

The future would go through a 5G technology is an essential change That would give faster faster faster and new bids.

Morgan Stanley also expected last Friday, December 7 a decline in iPhone sales in the Chinese market. Katy Huberty, who is responsible for the entity's report, makes it clear that Chinese users will continue the iPhones longer before reopening them to new models.

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