The iPhone XS arrives at Argentina: these are the prices


Apple smartphone is ready to get into the local market and, as the luxury thing it does, it does with very high values

The iPhone XS is already preparing to land ashore in the Argentine market. And, as it can not be otherwise, the local telcos will provide information on what they are doing; expectations.

Personal Claro and Claro have already been selling their mobile phone and, even, they have a & # 39; The first one already presents the prices it will go to "mark the range" locally.

Keep in mind that they are not small in size; the iPhone was always a flexible object in Argentina and it did not stop, however, in the short term. The figures can even fear more than one customer.

according to iProUP, the iPhone XS Max 256GB (green) will cost $ 108,999, which is currently current ($ 39) equivalent to $ s2,800. As a reference, in the US market it's selling for $ 1,249. The value of $ 95,899 is at the 64GB, interim, equivalent to $ s2,460. In the United States, it is worth US $ 1,099. These are the costs of Personnel.

Turning to 256GB XS (lock), its & # 39; phone company up for sale for $ 100,299 (US $ 2,600 at current exchange rate, compared to US $ 1,149 where it can be purchased in the US). The 64GB (gold, silver and green) change will be offered at "just" $ 87,199 (US $ 2,250, US $ 999 USD version).

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