The IPL is; Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli: 752604 is not a cricket match Kantho Kaler


There were no members' debates in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Mumbai vs. Royal Challengers The Bangalore match against Lasith Malinga in last time's promise has never been yesterday. Virat Kohli, a captain of defense guards, appeared to blame with the incident after the game. He pointed out that in any way such incidents as cricket in the IPL are not allowed.

The Royal Highnesses told Bangalore Mumbai with 6 runs in their second match on Thursday. Virat Kohli's team lost two games and Virat Kohli's team lost the game. After the defeat, Mumbai rescued a total of 187 challenges for 8 with eight balls to be plucked. Captain Rohit 48, Surya Kumar Yadav, 38, Yuvraj, 23, and Herschelle Pandey, who won 32 in 14 balls. In response, Bangalore was reduced to 181 for 5 wickets. The start of the last ball-ball game.

Bangalore needed to win 17 wins in the end. De Villiers and Sibumb Dube have toured 10 tours from the last journey of Pari Lankan pacer Lasith Malinga in Mumbai. Using 6 tours for the last time, Bangalore needed Bangalore. Duminy did not receive any right to deliver from Malinga. However, re-productions TV said they had no member. But do not avoid the privilege. De Villiers spanned a ball of 70 members with four fences and 6 six bands.

Captain Bangalore Virat Kohli, "We're playing IPL, doesn't play para-ji cricket," Kohli said, and talking anger about the chaos after the match. It is difficult to miss an error in the world's biggest league.

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