"The Islands did not enjoy Diego either" – 05/01/2019


The president of Dorado Sinaloa, Antonio Núñez, said he hoped that Diego Maradona would arrive in at least two weeks to take the team in the Mexican Football League Liga, which started this Friday (Sinaloa team raid in the final final, Atlético San Luis, 0-0 in Zacatecas against the Minister).

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At Dorados, they had been waiting for Maradona from December 26, but it was delayed as a result of Pelusa's health problems, which gave her a stomach; whistling while she was & nbsp; The group had coached training after Luis Islas – his assistant – who did not renew his contract.

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Within an hour of starting to & # 39; Competition in the Liga de Ascenso in Mexico, Núñez declared that Maradona was in his presence; coach and was familiar with Diego's medical examinations, he recorded before a Mexican Football Federation was allowed to appear on a daily basis. or four of the competitions, at the end of January.

"We have to bring everything out, because we knew about our medical studies, we realized that it would be needed for it. It's not about economic problems or control, we knew everything in advance and thankful because we want to do what was done with Dorados, he had to be recorded as our coach, "he said.

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Maradona decided to last Sunday's guidance when the crew was in a two-autumn situation; Competition and got to play the final, lost by Atlético San Luis. Much of the work was supported by Luis Islas, a rival Maradona in Argentina at the 1994 World Cup, which was not regenerated by the Dorado Direct Committee for saying he wanted the position of the main coach.

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"The board does not select the coach supporter, I will not give anyone who does not want Diego, and so we decided José María Martínez as a new assistant. The Luis Islands forms were not correct, he put on himself as a coach and he was not around, that did not enjoy me or Diego, "he said. And as long as they are & # 39; Waiting for Maradona, who has a contract until May, the Dorados will take this Saturday guides by Martinez in the game against Celaya. "We knew everything in advance and the reports were constantly with the news that was not at all," he said.

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