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People have some health advice, sometimes without scientific support, but many of these enjoyable expressions have been very successful in today's medical research.

The first survey is & # 39; recommend eating an apple every day keeping someone away from the doctor. A study from Oxford University found that Britain could save 8,500 deaths or delays from the heart attack if everyone after 50 cares were eating every day.

And because mothers always give their children their advice to & # 39; sleep enough in the middle of the week, because sleeping on a leaving day does not make up for her; In the rest of the days, this Swedish survey proved and found that people who do not sleep in the number of times are missing, A long way during the weekend.

People have been advising each other long to eat late at night, and this has become commonplace in our new era. Recent surveys have shown that people who do Evening foods include more calories and do not have control of their blood sugar.

In other words, people always say that those who come out of the house in winter without coat appear cold. This is true. A PNAS study by the United States Health & indicate that the body that causes blood pressure as a result of the temperature; Falling drops are more susceptible to viruses,

As we get regular advice to get away from the television screen because our eyes hurt our eyes, researchers at Toledo University said the blue light that was taken out of screen and smartphones ; follow up to big problems in the retina as well as to # 39; Reduced losses in people with macular growth. "

If you are interested in weight loss, the idea of ​​the benefits of a country is already legitimate, and find out that the capsaic is found in the fruit; promoting heat factoring in the body and its; help burn burning hard.

In addition, scientifically it is confirmed that pickled glues are discharging exams that will affect its & # 39; body, and sporting benefits do not have a man's stop, but to have a # 39; make stronger and deeper personality.

In another study, it is confirmed that women who have a sad sadness when they are heavy with a head of hair, but those who eat cheese before they sleep are exposed to strange dreams.

For example, many people enjoy in many countries, the world says that those who do not know it. use their lost mind to & # 39; losing loss, medical studies have shown that the maintenance of mental actions helps to do so; Maintaining mental abilities, and its stopping and stopping. desires dementia and other diseases.

A study published in the American Journal of Health "JAMA" which consumes cars to enhance its vision and its vision. preserving the health of the eyes, and this is as long as we have heard in the days of childhood, but sometimes we may. Believe that it's a real myth.

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