The Israeli car is set on fire in the north bank of the west bank, and nothing has been injured t


Unidentified firefighters opened a fire at Israel's vehicle in the North West Bank on Monday evening.

The raid near the Rehelim settlement, south of Nablus, was not killed, but the vehicle was damaged.

IDF troops watched the area for the bailiffs.

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Last week two soldiers of Israel were injured, one of them severely, in the battle, that the north-west of Ramallah was a chariot attack. Soldiers were shot at the three people who lived in the vehicle, killed two people and wounded the third.

The Palestinian people in a nearby village refused that it was a one-off attack and he said he was an accident. The Israeli military said that the young men of Palestine had thrown fire bombs earlier on a nearby road.

And early on in Sunday a suspected Palestina was killed by the Israeli policeman who was north of Jericho in his attempt to run a check check.

Israel's defense officers have warned that the numbers of people living in the past may become worse in the shelter of the existing West Bank and Gaza Conflict due to extra pressure from the elections. T Israel's forthcoming plans, the plans of the US President put forward the proposal for Israel-Palestinian. peace agreement, and a continuing struggle between the Palestina Authority and Hamas.

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