The Jesuits were always strong and hockey was very stable


Although the jubilee is a whole year in 2018 – the start of the hockey event in Jesenice, The first official club on January 6, 1948 – was selected in late November for a special event, inviting several former players and hockey players. There may not be a decision that the Harvest Museum (Kolpern), part of an old ironwork, was selected as the ironwork site, because ironwork is a strong link to hockey in Jesenice.

He also thought about this Franc Smolej, one of the last ones of autumn gold generation, which was in the late 1950s and in the sixty years that controlled the role of a Solo and Yugoslavian hockey.

He played in red red and worked in the ironwork

"I'm eight years older than my hockey birthday, I went through everything, I was sixteen as a hero, I worked as active teams, teams … it is difficult to differentiate what was the best or most beautiful thing when we won the seventh positive game of the national playground in the final after the expansion. At that time the sports director, my son played, that's the most beautiful trip, "he reminded Smolej, and got a connection to the scene.

"As well as playing hockey, I also worked in the ironwork. Also, where we are now, in Kolpern, there was a place where I started working in 1966, "said Smolej, the old close play and sporting entrepreneur in Jesenice.

Although the ironwork still contributes significantly to the hockey funding in Jesenice, there may be a close connection with it, as it would be when players were employed in the company – in the early years, many pieces of equipment were done at workplace – today it is no longer Post-

"At the same time, the ironmother's mother was very involved in every piece of life, but when Iugoslavia fell, it was clear that this support could no longer be," head of HD Youth Jesenice.
Photograph: Vid Ponikvar

Sometimes ironwork is bent in every hockey pocket

Time is changing, speakers have been identified, including those from the earliest generation. At present, there are souvenirs of full tides, fascinating final colors with everyday campaigns from Ljubljana, when fans for today's security requirements are likely to stand on the stables; look warm on ice, but good memory. Perhaps, however, that things can be returned again, so that the hockey takes care of the sports fans fever, both in Jesenice and Ljubljana?

"At the age of eight, I was in the first game, and we played hockey in front of the block, and it was a simple decision. At the age 16, I inserted my first professional membership contract, and I went to school in the morning, and I trained and returned I think I'm staying in The first season in the Ebel League, but in person, is the best memory for me at 16, which won the membership title I was in such a company when we got up from their couples. a printout, which I can only do a lot, "a & # 39; Remember Miha Rebolj, one of the rescuers for autumn hockey at the most important times.

When he explained in detail about his history, he noted: "At one time, the ironmother's mother was really involved in all areas of life, as there was a clear fall in Yugoslavia This support could not be longer. Then cursed the league Ebel, who asked a lot of debt, raised debt and members the team that fell. But old hockey supporters saved the autumn, and later a new club was created, which now overcomes the challenges that are needed. "

Izrez iz filma o 70 godina Jesenice:

Can not be targeted for 70 years and short description in short description. In a way, this has been successful in television broadcasters from RTV Slovenia who edited the documentary, which was published at the official event in Kolpern, for the first time Saturday. It shows the most beautiful times of autumn hockey, history, memories of the main players at a time, It is the first group of the Jesenice hocaidh word and ironwork.

He enjoyed the Jesuits

"I was next to all the titles, except for the first one when we had a series of debugging. The atmosphere was the best then, there was a big competition Olympias, and we won most. We were delighted with the Jesuits, the Ironwork, that they had a subject for the next day's conversation. And although many of us went to Ljubljana, at At the same time even nineteen, we're the biggest ones we won, "said Albin Felc, one of the members of his winning unnamed band, remembering the most beautiful shades at active times from the sixties.

Then the Jesuits set the foundations for later decades of development, which enabled the city to be in a position; led the highest sporting business to 2012. At that time, the lowest level of ice hockey history in Jesenice came, and the club that has succeeded in achieving success has dropped. He even thought that the whole hockey story would finished.

But the Jesus was strong enough, and hockey was very stable to survive. With its new club, on new foundations, and its. Thinking about the old tradition in Jesenice, they hope that this destination, 70 years, will not be the last …

"If we look at the history, captains, this is a respect for me. I play hockey because I've seen this team in the 1990s. I also played in Ljubljana, and sometimes I'm forgetting that I'm coming from the red environment, "said Andrej Tavželj.
Photograph: Matic Klanšek Velej / Sportida

The current generation producer, Andrej Tavželj, is because he has been able to decline. club to continue and increase the soil, as captain of the current team, certainly a great overview of the events.

Only with hard work and transparency

"When I look at all the history and tradition, I am proud of being part of this, as well as being a captain. Looking at the history, who captains , this is a respect for me. I play hockey because I've been walking this team in the nine years. I also played in Ljubljana, and sometimes I & # 39; forget that I'm coming from the red environment. And I'm proud I can play for Jesenice at the end of my position, "said Tavželj.

"I hope that in a way, hockey is still a way of life for young people. I think we can bring it back to the old stage, but this can only happen with Hard work and transparency. Jesenice will spend a little more before it comes to a higher degree, but what we are now fit for a healthy base. And when the local environment recognizes this, it will It's much easier to get more support, "he said.

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