The journey Afghanistan has proposed for Zimbabwe has gone


Afghanistan has drawn a tour of a Zimbabwe voyage next month over dissent about broadcasting the five OSI, released from the Zimbabwe Cricket.

The ACB had originally asked Zimbabwe to host as part of the preparation for the World Cup, which takes place in England from May to July. The ODI planned to hold them in Harare between 18 April and 28.

However, after agreeing to share the series with the Zimbabwe Cricket, the obstacle trip struck television with the games, reporting by saying that the ACB were opposed to a proposal for the t replace them.

Director of game Zimbabwe Cricket, Givemore Makoni, said: "They wanted the games to be broadcast but we chose a live stream because of the costs involved." T Sunday News. "They've fired the Chief Executive for us on the mission."

Instead Afghanistan will compete against Ireland and Scotland in May as part of their celebrations in the World Cup. They had already gone on a trip to Zimbabwe in August as part of the FTP, playing the three forms.

Afghanistan recently completed a recent ODI series with Ireland, which was withdrawn 2-2, and they plan to review it later this week. Zimbabwe last took action in November, when they visited Bangladesh.

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