The K19ica product at 2019 F1 is convenient to Hamilton who is cautious


Jerome Pugmire, The Associated Press

Published Thursday, November 22, 2018 10:15 AM EST

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – Robert Kubica returns to Formula One that offers help to the world-wide concert, Lewis Hamilton.

Kubica, who, at Thursday, said he would racing for the Viking team the following year, which looks very seriously at the moment. think that Kubica laments her right in a rally crash in 2011.

"Is Robert older than me?" Hamilton was set out at a news conference.

When Kubica is known to be exactly older than Hamilton, one month Hamilton was entertained.

"I'm so happy that he is coming back. I was going to be the oldest driver, but now I'm going to be the third one," said Hamilton. "I can not tell you how happy and I am about that."

A very important going forward, the sister talked about fifteen. Kubica attack, an old rival from the road back.

"Ruairidh mi Robert from karting days. One of the most talented drivers I have had to play a race," said Hamilton. "It has been a very difficult time in recent years and it's brilliant that it's got a chance. I hope it's working hard on its strength and getting it back to go. It's interesting to see the sport back in action. "

With Fernando Alonso, a 37-year-old retire from F1 after Sunday's Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi, Kubica is the second oldest on his / her; grid next year behind Kimi Raikkonen who is 39 years old.

Alonso, a two-hour F1 flag, called Kubica, "one of the great talents".

He sent a notice note.

"It is still to be seen what exhibit the car has and its own performance," said Alonso. "But if it's at 100 per cent it's amazing to watch."

He completes an amazing revival for Kubica, considered one of the fastest in F1 before leaving a major accident in 2011 to see her, requiring seven hours of cut surgery to the right.

"Back to the F1 grid next season is one of my biggest achievements," said Kubica. "I can not wait to get a racing back."

Kubica had a positive impact on Williams last year and was a security and development driver this year. One of the key questions about his return is that Kubica's right-handed arm can handle heavy car handling.

These questions answered when he finished a detailed rehabilitation program successfully.

"I would like to thank all those who helped me during the hard time of my life over the last few years," said Kubica. "A challenging journey has been made to restore it to the One Formula grid, but it seems like it's probably impossible."

Kubica 12 won a podium finish in F1 from 2006-10 – its first point application and impact in 2008 – and was considered one of the best possible talents.

Kubica was awarded a Canadian DT driver for BMW Sauber after being second Doctor Draco. These exhibitions moved almost certainly to participate in Ferrari and was given a better title.

Now it's just happy to be on back races in F1.

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