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Original title: "The key for reform and opening" focuses on the building of ecological civilization

To mark the 40th anniversary of the reform and open up, Central Committee of the Bulgarian Committee of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Bulgarian Division of the Beijing Township Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, the Beijing Radio and Television Station, together with the Beijing TV "" Archives "on the major theory theory program" Key Change and Opening "today. : 30 in the CCTV news channel, the next day at 21:15 at a Beijing Satellite TV continuously; broadcast. The fifth program, with the theme of "China's landscape is very attractive", was introduced by Du Shaozhong, director of the Health and Environmental Environment Institute at China University, Chen Yanzhen, the first generation of forestry workers in The Saihanba Mechanical Woodland Farm in the Hebei Department, and the Chinese civil and economic economy of the University of Political Science and Law. Wang Canfa, director of the Environmental Resources Law Institute, and experts and scholars like Zhu Chuanhui, who won the UN Environment Agency's Youth Organization Award, and their modules, tell the audience about helping and helping Chinese people to build ecological civilians in the 40 years of development and opening. The real story of the spectacle reflects earthquake changes in the environmental protection and environmental protection concepts of China.

"Green Mountain is the Jinshan Yinshan". In this program, Du Shaozhong, director of Health and Environment Institute on the Communication of the University of China first appeared on the stage, and Using examples of "gheek" and "Tongzhou Channel water pollution", which are closely related to human life. Explain the relationship between a dialect between environmental protection and economic development, and suggest that "everyone protects the environment voluntarily and knows how to protect them environment and turn it into action that we often and continuously follow. " Chen Yanzhen, a forester man of the first generation of Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farming in Hebei Department, expanded the enthusiasm of the audience together with her youth without regret. In the 1960s, six women, including Chen Yanqi, broke down the history of their relatives on the Saihanba forest farm and went into business to flourish. Along with hundreds of young people of a normal age of just 24, turned into the wilderness of Gobi into a wilderness. Today, "the forest bay". Today, the Woodland Saihanba forestry resource has reached 20.2 billion yuan. The forest farm has been generating income by going to # 39; planting and tourism development. The "Mountain Mountain Green Green" became "Jinshan Yinshan".

The ecological environment is closely related to human life. The ecological environment is the best of the most equitable public produce. The continuous development of relevant laws and regulations will improve the welfare of citizens. Wang Canfa, director of the School of Social and Commercial Economics Law in China, Political Science and Law Law Law, says "the strictly protective story is a hard environmental environment in history". After the 18th National Communist Party National Conference, the quarters will be assessed from the GDP development indicators and previous economic development. And re-examining the money, to the present day, "exploring the heavens, exploring the earth, and exploring the air." The development of environmental protection laws and regulations has ensured that the audiences can see China's consolidation of the ecological civilization. Zhu Chuanhui, who won the United Nations Environment Agency Youth Award, won Zhu Chuanhui, shows the importance of the Wildlife Protection Act for the audience with the amazing life of "Panda" Bath. At the end of the region, Zhu Chuanhui opposed "We need to take responsibility for our generations, use the story to protect the land, let nature go with their youth, and I hope today's nature a director. "

In the last 40 years of renovation and opening up, Chinese people have always opened their hearts to go to; accepting the world and contributing significantly to its & # 39; international community. The profile of a significant Chinese country has been widely advocated. Today (December 15), the sixth magazine of "The Key to Reform and Opening up", "The Image of a Big Country Is Very Good" will come as fast as possible. At that time, Wang Wen, Chief Executive of the Chongyang Financial Research Institute of the Chinese Renmin University, will go alone. The story is about hundreds of countries and three keywords that define our diplomas. And for "Enterprise Belt and Road", what particular idea is there? Wang Yijun, professor at Renminia University of China, and Wang Lijun, a former general manager of China's Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. Not only that, but Anze, an international friend from Latvia, is also on stage. We share the "culture" and "the people's community" in their eyes. Take a look at the CCTV channel 22:30 today, 21:15 the next day, Beijing Satellite TV, "The key for reform and opening."


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