The Kien Giang festival will open Culture – Recreation


This year's festival includes activities such as trade shows, promotional materials, Vietnamese high quality messages; Local exhibitions of the area, entertainment activities, indigenous games … exhibitions of pictures and objects related to the life and activities of Khmer people, a book exhibition. The regional library, the beautiful seawater, the Khmer art organization in the Kien Giang division and Khmer dance Khmer program in the area.

It's a racing boat. in major events and attracting spectators who watch and watch. Enjoy the most, this year the scale is larger than the previous years, more racing is a & # 39; coordination of men and women. There are 32 fishing boats at four fèisean in the continent at this year's festival.

According to Mr Vo Van Tra, Chairman of the People's Committee of the Go Quao area, it is expected that the 12th Culture, Sport and Tourism Festival in Kien Giang will be hundreds of thousands of attendants. Through the festival organization to honor, promote and integrate Khmer 's colonial cultural values ​​with the people around the country, so that ethnic people have the chance to meet, exchange and participate in activities. culture, art, sport, and creation of close ties between the indoors and out of the continent.


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