The "King" said when he changed the style and cut the logo


Try the paper that Arturo Vidal promised to change the image if he wins the European League but …

In the game it was; Previously, between PSV and Barcelona, ​​Arturo Vidal was responsible for analyzing its & # 39; a game that was effective for the fifth-game game of the European League.

And besides the sport summary (which you can read here), change the dates for "King" to change the image, a style of warrior that has been with him all his life. The papers wanted that he should commit a promise if he would get the European League, however, San Joaquin does not want to change the seal.

"I'm cutting it, my brother is to get the European League, but my hair will stay until I retire from a ball- football, I want to win the European League but I have nothing to do with my style " appear.

In addition, the decoration that his son Alonso was awarded by a popular vote in the Copihue de Oro: "This is the last weeks of great celebration that aims and with my son also for the winning winner. "

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