The knife is tired of the number of lots: every day, every minute must be fought against stickers


You can talk to Zoran about all Zoran's possibilities. He is a very good and spacious man. Writer, singer, songwriter, writer, writer, and sometimes player ever.

About environmental pollution: "I'm going to shop now with a thrush. I do not want to put things in plastic bags. These are small, but important steps. We do not have to wait for the laws of the Against plastic, we have to do something before, or it will be too late. Last year we got a pity on Piran Bay, I hope this is awful. The world needs to be clean and active for people so that our grandchildren can see animals of all kinds, they eat wild meats, others in the true sense of the word. But it is not suitable for oil lubrication. "

The jury Franz Milčinsky Ježk Prize for 2018 gave recognition to his abilities, diversity of excellence, humorous, effective, active approach. "His texts will work for a long time and can be placed in different social arrangements and contexts." We spoke a few days earlier, before his fourth grandson was born, because of many families, Zoran has a wealthy feeling. It's right.

Zoran, we met "in expectation" to your fourth grandson, grandson.

It's true, I'm a rich man. There are nine of my closest relatives, five children and three grandchildren. And Barbaro, our queen's family.

You're lucky to find yourself with Barbaro.

I agree. But I have some fortune than she is. (laughter)

It is hard to admit. Why?

I have to have a & # 39; find a girl-brave girl who gave me a new separation with three children in such a voice for me then. No lucky, you need to ask her.

What is your voice?

On the rocair, it was decorated, colors that were wrong with me. It was part of my "service". When she met me better, she saw that I was completely different. Now we have been together for almost 30 years.

What's in yourself?

There is more. Regardlessly, we knew each other before, and we did not have any mischief, deceitful eyes, first we were a colleague, friend, but then a lover. We enjoy the same things, which & # 39; laughter as I cry and we know how we get quality. With arguments. That is important. The most suspicious are those who do not worry.

Your children will stay with you.

It's true. Barbara made them wonderful with honest and honest relationship. We're never sorry. That's why I'm saying I'm rich.

Predin Dynasty?

No, he's a gang. (laughter) But all my children have been very successful in what they are doing, and so it may be true for us to be a family; us.

Is not the most important thing in raising children who is happy and successful?

Yes, I agree, and it's getting harder, these are the times; when children who grow up do not have time to be young. Existing in primary school, they will accepting the system, what they do, what they live, there were better times. That's why they need to stand and help.

You lived on rock and family life

The record of the problem is basic, I have never been home at the weekend. But I've been doing this for 40 years and I've learned how I am doing it; live and people who live with me too.

Have you ever been tired?

I am, but not from work, from what it does every day. From short sight. I am affecting plastic images in the seas and the seas, which works to me; killing young people before they fall on their legs, turbo-capitalism, nationality, and disappearing humanity, the born prismatic figure, getting older, I'm tired. And not. Every day I fight against this and I'm still hopeful.

How are you fighting?

By communicating, I will go to; communication with associated souls in a variety of related areas, in music, literature, social … Future-screening ideas for young generations should be clearly blocked and very much. It seems to me that something is moving, that all breaches can not sell the system. As a result, that democracy is not as simple as it was 30 years ago so that there is no capability between milk and milk, but it's a bit worse than it was before. We need to learn to live with new things. Old laws are without use. Greed became a leading director in the western world, generosity. This is not said until it is too late. Indeed, the First World War has already begun. Capitalized systems are educated exclusively with literate, incapacitated individuals who believe in marketing, and are educated for voters in a system where a & # 39; Most decided. These things make me tired. On the other hand, human creativity does not have boundaries. Then you can make your own world of parallel, which is different and interesting enough to make it valuable to live.

But you can only fight in this world, you are a musician, writer, engineer and "weapon".

About refugees: "The refugees are the normal consequence of colonialism, the order of the world in the 19th century, when the colony states have stolen natural resources. Now, from the abandoned nations, 39: leave everything, without a stock for life, after paying it. We should expect this. We return to a nineteenth century nationality. It's a place that is growing more than a belief in our lives. Greed, greediness. Every day, every minute, you have to fight with it The idiots are mostly and at present they are likely to be the winners. And there is hope. "

For a long time I am not an independent artist today, my company, through whom I fulfill my responsibilities. For a few years I have to plan, make projects, find supporters … this is hard work. Sometimes, because of my ideas, I'm going to abolish the audience. They say they support me a city and a state, but this is not true. That makes me angry, to be sick. So I will not change my beliefs. My own idea. And I pay to & # 39; price for it. That's why I'm healthier, that is my health hygiene needs.

When we are in health, how is your heart?

Of course. I have been doing a decade with new fault, but I hope this medicine will be ten years ago; This is a great deal in this moment that I do not have to open. They are already working through weeds. So, I look forward to all medical devices. (laughter) But he had to lose notes, a bigger move, he is healthier to eat. I am a big slalom driver among those things, the days come when I'm wrong, and the days I am going to; hiring. My print is still right. That sounds good. (laughter)

When you look at your life, do you change anything?

Well, I'm glad I would do less, I gave a type of proxy verification, but I'm really satisfied. So far I've been living a lot, I have many plans and I do not have nostalgia, I am interested in the future. But from bad things, you have to learn something. I was lucky enough to work hard with young people and I learned a lot from them. I have written a song, I live to death and I continue to follow this song.

How big is your quality of life? change life in the usual House?

In fact, at least technological. Now, I can bake some of the grilled fish in the garden, I do not have a parking problem like I did in the middle of my home. Life was slower. And my work is not connected to the place. In October, I was in Serbia, and in Croatia, I have a concert for next year's concerts, I have a 40-year-old Zagreb concert, and in Ljubljana and the Next year we will celebrate the Lacna Franza anniversary, and in Maribor we will have a big party. Journalists will be awarded gold licensing gold prize. This will be a special event. I'm preparing Arsen Dedić songs, I'll do them in a swing gipsy style. There is also a situation for a documentary film about the less well-known salary, about work outside Slovenia. They will translate my book from base to chat.

What do you know about the Ježak Prize?

This is a prestigious award that means much to me. Because I want Ježek as the Jaques Brel has been in the 1960s because its genuine writing and performance is true, since the quality, which is always modern, is still alive and its position. And in a wonderful society, if I look at the winners today, I am feel good. I really promise to be loyal to Ježak. (laughter)

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