The Korean reporter crashed the case of Seungri


Kang Kyung Yoon was one of the earliest reporters on a Protestant Secession, which was instrumental in taking part in a weakened conversation group.

Kang Kyung Yoon is named as Korean "heroine" in exile of the scandal of Seungri to give Jung Joon a youth to the foreign guests of foreign guests and the distribution of sex videos t . Kang took many messages in the chat group with Jung Joon Young and made the police aware of his testimony to Seungri and his friends. Broadcast in the South Korea event these days.

Reporter SBS funE Kang Kyung Yoon.

Narrator Kang Kyung Yoon FEAT SBS.

On the radio channel SBS, Kang Kyung Yoon teamed up a small Seungri prostitution group from a luxury party, so looking for evidence. The aim of supporting Seungri, Jung Joon Young is not to resign. “Even if they don't want, they are responsible for their behavior,” she said. Kang was sorry that it would not be found and widely reported, that two actors' actions could be banned early to reduce the number of victims.

She shared that she had met with several victims and witnesses. She told her after she had cryed, cried, asking Jung Joon Young to delete the video. Jung Joon Young allowed him to agree that it would be deleted, but sent the video to his friends. The narrator said: "I cried when I heard her say. Don't imagine how the victims are afraid." Kang Kyung Yoon revealed the young sacrifices. , in their 20s.

Around the media on the Jung Joon Young tour

Jung Joon Young continued the police session on 14 March.

Kang Kyung Yoon in Korea said there are many comments that the sneaky video scandal is used to break up the night of Burning Sun – a scandal involving trafficking and the use of prohibited prostitution, and taxes have been abolished. . influence the police. Kang said the video video was exclusive to the Burning Sun. The issue is also showing bad problems in Korea society.

The person who interviewed Kang Kyung Yoon SBS She revealed that she is in 5 months heavy. "Many people don't know this, but I'm really moved because the Kang Kyung Yoon is heavy but still standing because of the cause. It's not easy for a woman to have such a big mind," said the MC.

The research reporter is Kang Kyung Yoon FEAT SBS. Before Seungri and Jung Joon Young defeated, the case of actor Jo Jae Hyun harassing the Japanese actress was introduced, providing multi-talented information for a moving friend Goo Hara. …

In a government meeting held on 14 March, the First Minister of South Korea Lee Nak-yeon continued to lead a detailed inquiry into the case, demanding an illegal trade, removing prohibited materials, t retaining and distributing sensitive videos. The feelings of others are "against humanity". He also urged clarification that the police are attacking the convicts in the Hungarian cause.

Singer Seungri, Jung Joon Young, separates from sex videos

In late January, Burning Sun's night club, led by Seungri, happens to be violence, sexual harassment. The case for a Korean scandal series started. KBS TV stations, SBS were prosecuted for prostitute singers, traffickers and dealing with prohibited materials. Burning the sun is very positive about pushing the police. Seungri is barred from inspecting. Male entertainer comes to an end with his contract with the company.

SBS produced a series of messages in 'dubbed' conversation groups such as Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, Lee Jong Hyun and the entrepreneurs Yoo and Kim. Police Jung Joon Young identified wailing and distributing sex videos of at least 10 women. A male singer accepts complaints. Yoo was accused of assisting Seungri to visit overseas guests. Yoo is also accused of benefiting from police relationships so that Choi Jong Hoon is not open to driving when he is drunk. Choi Jong Hoon stood down.

On 14 March Seungri, Jung Joon Young and Yoo were named by the police. On the same day, singer Yong Jun Hyung acknowledged that she received and watched sex videos made by Jung Joon Young. He left the group Highlight.

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