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Not only does its & # 39; a crypto market that includes cryptocurrencies. The signals also carry the proportion of red numbers with lost projects, due to the reduction that has been maintained for almost 2018. Recent research has been carried out by a & # 39; The company said that "a number of indicators have fallen into the main exchange houses."

The report shows, although the symptoms have grown in the & # 39; The first 10 months of the year, in November, lost its profit. The report notes that "102 of 410 are increasing their books with more than 100% between January and October. However, November shows that this number has been reduced to 91 in less than a month. The remaining togens, which have a slight increase in their size, just a little. "

Diar does not describe what tokens were evaluated, but reporting that the investigation was done; Consideration of eight exchange houses: Binance, OKEx, Huobi, Bitfinex, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex and HitBTC. A company that was not evaluated explained to & # 39; Analyze only the indicators that were exchanged at the beginning of the year and continue to be listed on the previous platforms. "The books are based on the real picture, not turning into fiat pairs or cryptocurrency," said the paper.

The study also shows, when & # 39; compares the liquidity between the exchange houses, this is quite different. For Poloniex, "the marks listed below are at the beginning of the year"; In the case of Bittrex, there are only three. Add it: "Over 75% of it The signals added to the boolean have changed this year completely to declining their books between October and November. "

Signal behavior

A review of the behavior of some of the indicators indicates, for example, that OmiseGO (OMG) is a & # 39; A drop show in the price from which it reached a & # 39; highest price for 2018 on 8 January. On that day, the sign was announced at US $ 26.14. The current value is USD 1.40, which falls 95%.


OmiseGO price transfer in 2018. Source: CoinMarketCap.

There is a similar situation with a Basic Warning (ATM), which is On January 9, 2018 he was trading at 0.86 dollars and now & # 39; priced USD 0.13 per year, a 86.36% reduction from its highest price. Another indicator with 0x (ZRX) bearish behaviors, which were marketed at $ 2.37 on January 13, and dropped to 0.34 USD, representing 86.43% compared to the # 39; maximum price arriving 11 months ago.

The indicators are usually set out in the first cash offers (ICO) as a means of finance. Every project, to find money, Special interest on a blockchain platform such as Bitcoin, Ethereum no Waves. They will then be delivered to investors in exchange for cryptocurrencies or, in other cases, as opposed to national funds such as the dollar or the euro.

The fall by bitcoin throughout the year is affecting its & # 39; rest of the cryptoactive. This is because a significant part of the exchange is happening through the exchanges with BTC. In addition, we need to remember that bitcoin is currently maintaining 54% leading the crypto market. When it is overwhelmed, the rest will Continue the same way, although much time is in greater proportion, because bitcoin is still creating more confidence in investments.

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