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Thursday, November 22, 18 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

The Chambo coach has been exposed to the public with the secret speech before it happened in Vietnam in the # 39; last round of AFF Cup.

Video Cambodia on Laos broke (NextMedia copyright clips, which are broadcast on VTC)

After two ongoing failures in the AFF Cup A A Group, Keisuke Honda to enjoy it & # 39; The first one is with his coach when the Cambodian team Laos 3-1 starts. To be more precise, this is also a & # 39; The first win in the league "Angkor warriors" is the South East Asian for 16 years (21 December 2002, bringing the Philippines 1-0 in the AFF Cup 2002)

Vietnam v Cambodia: Super Honda Star names secretary & # 34; Host - 1

As a main coach, Honda Cambodia helped win the first AFF Cup in 16 years

Although the NHM, the Cambodian players have been identifying their & # 39; A milestone, Honda put all "down to the ground" forever: "Although I'm very proud, I do not want to introduce many emotions about this product. I want to develop the players , to play well in a few games that does not mean we won.

On November 24, Cambodia met Vietnam Telephone at the Hang Do game. Honda can not be moved slightly but by returning to Australia for the Melbourne Victory club (Australia). This will be an unparalleled visitor because they are in history, they lost all 6 decisions that were winning in 2008.

However, the 32-year-old senior star has been trying to make the media a & # 39; Relating to the statement that says: "Cambodia has a very difficult game for Vietnam – the team with the perfect working methods. I spent a lot of time working with the players, so try we see the Cambodian side this weekend. "

In his position, Honda can find a number of big clubs in the world, and including CSKA (Russia), AC Milan (Italy), to become the only player in Japan to score in three consecutive World Cup (4 goals). So, the 32-year-old story gave her a " Accompanying work in Cambodia, unfamiliar football under the "South East" valley, surprisingly the public.

Vietnam v Cambodia: Super Honda Star names secretary & # 34; Host - 2

"Please see how Cambodia plays on the front of Vietnam," said Honda

Talk to her & # 39; Honda said he had seen Cameron's football capacity: "The 201 A8 Cup is first, Cambodia needs to develop time. There is no football culture. In Europe, Experience of players in different environments, from professionally innovative.

With my knowledge, I want to change everything, from stage, thinking and sharing interest. That is what I'm looking forward to when I'm going to. contract registration with the Cambodian Football Federation. I'm really interested in dealing with new experiences in the south eastern part of Asia, "he said Honda on the AFF Cup home page.

Myanmar – Vietnam Game (New Media, Rights, broadcast on VTC)

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Honda may not directly direct Cambodia to face Vietnam.

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