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In the Spring Spring Festival of the Spring, film became a subject of heat.

This excellent work was not known as the first year of Chinese science fiction films, Bring out the friend's circle, but also sing the song at the office of my friend; box. After winning the Spring Festival title it is worthwhile, he has been happy about a high-quality cat predicting a box that looks like the second state level blast of box office over 4 billion.

Throughout the successful elements of "Wandering Earth", as well as the strong appeal of the original Liu Cixin and the screening professional of the screenwriter, Hollywood's visual impact is also an important factor.

After all, in the time of the big films, the spectacular impact of the spectators enjoys audio-visual enjoyment is an integral part of the explosion. From filming the film, a reasonable impact can also help to guide the story, so that the audiences are there.

As big as "Wandering Earth" is a Like it, the media are also excavated by the specific special companies that are behind them, and are the reasons for worshiping fans.

But we do not know that it is a special specialty company; in China who also put the founder away "at least, it is better to die than die".

Behind the box office numbers and the star movie stars, what are the lasting questions facing the heroes behind the scenes? In the ongoing challenge of China's Chinese film industry, what kind of policy support they are doing? expectations?

Let's explore the heroes behind this "Earth Wandering" scene.


Director of "Little Broken Ball" said they are the best in the country.

At Beijing's "Wandering Earth" Beijing floor, there was little guest hospitality, and there was little to do; quests that were described.

Cai Meng, a filmmaker film / filmmaker MORE VFX at its first show of "The Wandering Earth" in Beijing

He came from a company called MORE VFX, who was involved in creating unique effects for "Wandering Earth" and bundled; It is also the company's largest vision vision set by the Chinese. But as well as business experts and some high fans, anyone of these audiences may not have heard this business leader with the intention of visualizing the world.

Established in 2007, MORE VFX purchased from the Liaoning Normal University of Fine Arts Department. As the first Chinese artist to contact the business of CG, he has been a director of a video production company since 2003 and started his business in 2007.

According to the report itself, MORE VFX has been starting from the residential building for more than a decade, and has led improvement management guidance on China's vision of technological development, visual creation, production process and processes company management visual impact.

From the first adventure effects, the most challenging film effects in 2012. MORE VFX has been involved in special representations such as "A Good Play", "Wu Chuan", "Da Tian Temple", "Shame Tek "and other hot movies.

Among them, "Journey to King Monkey of the Journey to the West" and "Wu Chuan", although the audience has a different mouth word, but won the Hong Kong Film Prizes Lead Tour Awards for two years after to each other, showing strength of MORE VFX. Guo Fan, director of Wandering Earth, rated MORE VFX, "the best team in the company's unique home impact".

The success of MORE VFX is largely due to the combination of art and technology. In an interview, Xu Jian said he was investigating oil painting. Amongst the participants, he has learned animation and digital media. "Every situation is based." There is a craft and skill, which is considered MORE VFX. One of the benefits that differentiates from companies is a home-based impact.

From a technical perspective, although there is still a gap with the highest team in Hollywood, from the "unique five-fold effects" expressed by fans in recent years, the rationale is working as "Wandering Earth" is now emerging, and the technical aspects of business have a distinctive home impact in recent years. The progress is obvious to all.

From the restarting of the film made by MORE VFX, it is particularly good at replacing the environmentally friendly (home / nature) and creating large environments such as collapse, fragmentation, explosion, and fire. It differs from the structure of its class of advantage, it is more difficult to be reasonable not to be drawn in the right environment.

Frozen Shanghai Lujiazui in film poster

It is particularly due to this collection that the Shanghai Lujiazui is underground in "Earth Wandering"; reflects the variety of science fiction and science fact, which gives more audience visual impact.


Broken corner

At home-based movie production, the team has a specific technical strength of a home-based impact, the business should be introduced into the golden age.

There are business competitions that are supported by other governments. In the home, they often go. address irregular changes in the production table and product requirements. It is normal to be incapable.

After Fèis an Earraich last year, Xu Jian sent a message in his friend 's circle lost his message; The company has many large businesses in 2017 due to the insignificant registered change of the producers. He said he needed the system without offering investment in 2018, not to # 39; leaving resources, and not paying a store, so that it does not turn to its; company to go into credit.

Subsequently, on July 10, 2017, China's Film and Television Industry Association launched "China Film and Television Business Federation: Recommendation on the Agreement between Film and Television Companies and Production Companies", which proposed investment as an investment. Extension of Party A, the correct answer to the filing, and the payment measures for the final payment.

Xu Jian's "Roaring" movie friend

It is said that God is the user, and a particular business is a consequence of belief with parents and their own clothes. It's a very good choice; there.

Some people in the industry said that the agents and the companies agreed to have a significant impact on the materials delivered in March and delivered in September, The company has organized many people to do the project later in the period. If the material is disconnected suddenly, its company will have a huge cost to human resources. Since the delivery date is based on the time of the movie, even though the material is "late", it will not be delayed.

"In this way, only the late companies are pressing, the time is shortened, its price is the same, and the cost has grown. Many companies are late in cash lost and closed. "

In addition, there is a late company at the end of the film production, and so it must carry the cost of cost after film investment exceeds the budget.

"It's 30 million here. At the end, it's only 15 million, but the equipment and equipment have already been empty. It is not reasonable for other jobs built for a short time. ""

Compared to this, not only are the extraordinary effects of foreign businesses, but also government policy support.

For South Korea, it is the most competitive in the country, not only does the local government provide active support for companies with a home-to-day impact in the & calling domestic representatives, but also supporting the difference between the valuation of both parties. So, it was Most films have a distinctive influence on China in South Korea.

In Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, where there are more advanced film effects throughout the world, there are also government forces. Canada's 40% tax reduction can reach reach, and has been the largest output production center in Hollywood.

In recent years, although many supporting policies have been introduced for film and television production in recent years, most of them have been donated to the producers, and there are not many of them have given the following businesses a unique support. This makes the home business very powerful in the & # 39; competition with others from abroad.

It is harder for companies to have a unique foreign-market impact on Chinese films, and have done a long way to go to China. There has been a number of positions in the media that China's market is now a fertile land for foreign companies that it is better to hit prices. Due to two-phase breakdown, it is not difficult to understand the scene in which Xu Jian's friend of friends "shot" their agents.


Can the capital market time help?

The founders of Xu Jianzi are all those who love art. They do not think it's really important to make money. As the leader has an emphasis on business but can survive, MORE VFX does not yet have a financial function. But other companies that have started to use their & # 39; capital market to try to expand and strengthen further.

According to the data, a special domestic domestic company, Base FX, has embarked on the investment of the Chinese Culture Organization Group in 2016. The two parties also formed the organization of the "Beishi Media" film production company to create high- develop a standard for China and its global market. Tiangong Splendid, who specializes in the production of a special living impact, also received two funding rounds in 2014 and 2017, and the 2017 financial support was provided by Xinghui Entertainment.

In addition to Xinghui Entertainment, the Waihai shares in a & # 39; A-share market also attracted 110 million yuan of strategic investment by the end of 2016. These last ones made workshops at home such as Di Renjie and Light. Ghost Sunday. Baiyang also says last June that he hopes to have a 80% share in a special film-based company, Devil Vision, with a view of 340 million yuan. Shareholders 楷 Vision promised that 楷 Vision will achieve a net profit gain of RMB 150 million less from 2018 to 2020.

In addition to the competing and market-based jobs, it is still difficult for companies to make companies a real estate in the home capital market. In the first instance, there are many small and medium-sized companies in the & nbsp; business. It is difficult to meet the registered requirements of its main board in terms of the amount of assets and profits. For science boards and technology that do not have profitable needs, they will also give priority to "hard" information technology, biomedicine, high-tech and new energy. Technology, short-term, may not open the door to the film and television production industry.

In addition, the high resolution created at competitions and filming limits and a television industry in recent years has been severely broken into the future, which has also influenced the commitment of its & capital market for film and television industry.

"At this time, advertising has a significant impact yet to make money, and can only be used as a hole in movie advertising subsidies. Others can only do it," said a business source. In the future, this person also hoped that more people and capital could be brought to the attention of home-based business-based businesses by "Wandering Earth". I also hope that government departments can take account of the situation that I have. at present and & # 39; Support policy.

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