The landlord will take an hourly Wellington bar to leave the site


Wellington bar was taken hourly to remove their material from their ruins after the landlord had only given 60 minutes to find out.

Pieces were built outside Fotonflux, "SciFi" inspired eatery and drank Victoria Street, yesterday's afternoon.

In a Facebook post, Photonflux said that their community and friends had a " helping to bring all the equipment out of the building but when they look in, they refused to get to the building from the landlords.

"They said they felt feared so many people and the two tenants were not allowed. This made everything out of 60 minutes, completely impossible. "

Finally, the landowners agreed on eight people at the same time and took a 45-minute time.

The post after the time was up, they were asked to leave the site immediately, although there is still enough material.

Earlier Facebook posts show PhotonFlux to; rented in December 2016 for the shop.

"The laird has since been blocking our business and would not allow us to trade our full potential. They found ways to use the system to stop us. "

This included things like the landlord; Opposition of a drink licensing regeneration in 2018 and to remove a thread from a thread.

A week ago, the laird changed the locks and removed them from the building.

"They stopped their rent on a fixed basis for breaking their rents for converting their buildings into an inaccurate building so that no change of usage can be filled. have been working on this change of use with the council for the past six or eight months. "

The landlord did not respond to make an opinion.

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