The landowners of the challenge will give names to call an amazing meeting


The landowners of the challenge will give names to call an amazing meeting

Bratislava, November 19, 2018 (TASR / HSP / Photograph: TASR-Martin Baumann)

Vice Chairman of the SR Lucia Duris Nicholson (SaS) National Council will be presented in the & # 39; parliamentary parliamentary Monday, the signature of a group of MPs launching a special meeting of the Parliament with one point of the program, says that the National Council Speaker Andrej Dankov (SNS) does not disagree. SaS spokesman Róbert Buček said

Pictured by former Chairman of the National Council of SR Lucia Ďuriš-Nicholsonová (SaS)

"We are sure that something has been done by the correspondent and repost Andrei Danko in the position of the second highest constitutional agent in the Republic of Slobhacia. Mr Danko should be encouraged by many examples from abroad and to show at least some basic political culture, "said Buček.

The opponents have to apply to the President of Parliament for his hard work. Members of the challenge tried to do so at the beginning of November. The meeting's agenda did not agree to a sufficient number of Members. Danko has already advised that the CIS will support the opening of the meeting, and also asks its partnership partners.

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