The largest Nutella plantant in the world stopped because of "lack of quality"


The Villers-Ecalles plant in Seine-Maritime produces 600,000 pot per day, a quarter of the world's production.

Ferrero decided "stop short time", The "as a care", to represent a & # 39; The first business site in the Nutella world, in Normandy, after searching "lack of quality". The media service of Ferrero France declared it, Wednesday, 20 February.

"Now, we can say that there is no impact on any current market output and that our unnecessary subscribers' supply", to ensure that a French co-operative of an Italian giant is discharged. The Villers-Ecalles (Seine-Maritime) center will allow for inspections to be carried out "the results will be announced by the end of the week and allow us to take the necessary corrective steps", to specify Ferrero France.

"Tuesday, 19 February at 18 hours, reading the product of one of the quality controls in our Villers-Ecalles factory, we have identified a quality defect in one of the semi-finished materials that have been used to make our products Nutella and Kinder Bueno "says Ferrero. "This fault does not respond to our quality standards, so we decided to turn aside the factory activity"follow the company.

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