The last and last battle for Miškovec, Zilina is immersing


today 21:05

Hockey Hockey Players DoXXbet Žilina in the 24th visit of the 24th visit of Tipsport's receptions to Miškovec's home after 4: 2.

The Žilinians did not win in the fifth game behind him. In a home game, Bastint Magosi's two attacks and Alexis Loiseau appeared.

Its first duel was marked by its & # 39; Two goals with one goal and one helper, and Loiseau, as well as the first goal of the game, then one goal in 47 minutes.

The Zilinich tried to do something with his decision, but Rudolf Hunu and Marek Hudec's goals did not give the opportunity to their advantage. Miškovec is the 11th place after the Tuesday game in the table. "Wolves" are still down in the bar.

DVTK Jégesmedvék Miškovec – MsHK DOXXbet Žilina 4: 2 (1: 0, 1: 1, 2: 1)

aims: 12. Magosi (Louiseau), 34. Vas (Kulmala), 46. Magosi, 47. Louiseau (Magosi) – 25. Ru. Huna (Ruckay, Hudec), 43. Hudec (Ru, Huna, Podešva).

They decided: Korba, Kalina – Jobbágy, Bogdan, exclusion: 4: 7, power-play: 0: 1, weakness: 0: 0, 890 spectators.


DVTK Jégesmedvék Miškovec: Vay – Kiss, Crawford, Slovenian, Szirányi, Milam, Goz, Lada – Kulmala, Vas, Pance – Magosi, Loiseau, Harrison – Somogyi, Galanisz, Miskolczi – Vojtko, Hajos, Rito

MsHK DOXXbet Žilina: Fučík – Piegl, Kucny, Hudec, Jankovic, Matejka, Bagin, Dubein – Balej, Surovka, Hvila – Huna, Podeva, Milý – Hrazdíra, Ruckay, Jencik – Sikela,

The game was very good at the start, the home players were more active. There were not many people who enjoyed the home when Magosi came in from the right, Burning hard to take a score after 12 minutes. Žilina was a number of times well-appointed by Fučík carer, the second place in the first place, despite several unacceptable opportunities.

The second event started with a hosting opportunity, but the equivalent came up 5 minutes later when Rudolf Huna was told. 34 minutes into the game, Miškovec Vas sent the lead again. Then, the home could add the third hits, but it did not get two huge benefits from there in a few seconds. Fucik kept his team in the game for a good result.

43 minutes into the Žilinčan Hudec game and took 2 – 2 for him. Four minutes later, however, they led two goals in a minute when Magosi and Louiseau Fučík received. By the end of the meeting, the Žilinians were unable to score again and subsequently affected the sixth victory.

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