The last day is useful for complying with the electronic invoice


an electronic invoice will come to an end how you can do it

Appointment tomorrow with his first test for the electronic invoice. The date for the long-term VAT payment for monthly taxpayers is 16th per month, but in February – a & # 39; falling on Saturday – it was suspended until Monday. It is the next day tomorrow so that there will be no penalties and it will send it to the Exchange System (Sdi) of the Tax Agency, and the ability to prove effectively for the administration of the data obtained through the New methods completed (unless placed through the inter-system system, the invoices that will not be distributed) will be considered.

"Difficulties Across the Country"

In terms of the technical and organizational difficulties reported, the claim for complainant on sanctions has been received by a number of parties at least until March 16. "What we expected to happen – we warned the national adviser of the Chartered Accountants Order by order for taxes, Gilberto Gelosa – the current situation is tough, there are wide ranging problems throughout the area. to put invoices and the situation may be worse because the current is increasing. There may be clippers. The craft unit is smallest in control of sanctions ".

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Regarding the date of tomorrow, for Gelosa, "there are still problems with IT nature due to refurbishment between platforms and the SDI and therefore it is uncertain that invoices of electronic invoices will be sent to – below. Successful email – follow – the problem is to correctly install the VAT arrangements and for a good reason we think it's very tough and it's hard to do. ; we ask not to provide sanctions. We need regulatory governance, and we hope they will be ex post. "

What tax order?

With his / her minister given by the fiscal order that is linked to Law; Budget (DL 119/2018), the invoices sent to the SDI in January 2019 and those that were submitted in February before the lease came 18 February on 18 February, if they are ; related to matters issued to January (the invoices were reached in February for items paid in that month to be included in the monthly VAT payment for February, ending 18 March 2019). The tax order provides that the penalties provided for the & # 39; first half of the 2019 tax period not submitted, if the e-bill is issued longer than the statutory timeframe, but only within the boundary to pay the fee for the time (monthly or seasonal).

The penalties are liable, although they are reduced to 20%, when the invoice, which will be sent out late, will participate in the distribution of their infringements; next month or a quarter. So, by 16 February (extended to 18, on Monday) the invoices associated with the jobs made in January must be issued to avoid avoiding penalties. What happens if you pay late? If the invoice is taken after 18 but within the term of demolition later (ie March 16) you can benefit from a 80 per cent reduction in penalties. If VAT payments are late, however, the total control (equivalent to 30%) will be implemented.

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