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Kim Larsen: "Songs from the first floor" (Warner) t

It would have been wonderful if Kim Larsen had left an account of the same conflict with David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, but his latest records are not clean enough.

Still, there are songs here that could be leading to eye spots of tears to those who followed it through a long life.

The registrations were released without notice on Friday 29 March. Stob PR as Denmark is called "Extra Blade" one choknyhed. Although Kim Larsen delivered dissertations of different quality in recent years, it was a national identity for counting in Denmark.

He was to play in Stavanger last summer, but he had to stop because of the protestant illness. He promised to return, but died at home in Odense on 30th September.

These songs were recorded in the spring and summer last year. Then it was cured by cancer, but with the desire to recover it. The recordings were made at home with the help of his son Hjalmar and Larsen, his long-time manager and manager, Jørn «Ørn» Jeppesen. Everything was clear, but Larsen failed to release the record before he died.

It opens a little slowly with "The Great Day," but then it shows a good view, old in a "fraction of one level".

"Charlie" and "Cousin Fritz" are angry, but Wunderkind is a hot hook of the type that created singing at Larsen's concerts.

"Summer" is also a success, with full voting power. Sometimes you hear this when the heat is setting.

"Brønshøj-Husum Youth Club" is not a big song but it remains a true competition. A young Larsen stands outside, without being willing to be like everyone else's slide:

There was a voice inside

Burning is a fire

Don't be relaxed

So to get it as you want

The little coat is small and the present day welcomes today's women and fight them out. The middle case. This is not particularly successful.

"Miss Moonlight" was a gentle love exhibit.

In "The cup with the slit hank" he admits that he has time, but set down with him:

Strip the cup with the slice

And "Politiken" from yesterday

It seems to be relatively relevant

But I myself am not

He took 72 years to land with "Now the smell of the fire", a poem by Harold Her Majesty (1902–1986), Copenhagener who forgot the poor bodies that he grew up. Keep me firmly in my arms.

Danny Kim Larsen says their biggest national call, but he prefers another title.

As he referred to Berlingske in 2003: t You are a player. That's all. And if people like songs, it's a lucky man.

So, thanks for everything, your lucky player.

Best search: "Wunderkind", "Summer", "The cup with the shade of dying", "Now smell the pond".

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