The last row of the Bride of Istanbul! Has a new episode trailer been published?


The final section of Istanbul 71 Just after the Bride 72. Has the new episode trailer been published? The questions were shaped by the audience. In the last part of the Istanbullu Gelin, and with great interest, Fikret continued the floor by saying, "My brother is my brother". On the other hand, Adam grew his father.


After the last episode of the series released last night, the new episode trailer has not yet been released. When broadcasting with the channel, news will also be held on our website.


Accepting new decisions by Adam, Fikret says, Ad Ad my brother is. Ipek tells Okan that he gets a divorce from Fikret. On the other hand, he does not leave Adem Dilara's mumps when he gives birth. Faruk, although even angry even though he is not alone in hospital. After the Esmatedirs disease and coming İpek, it's a new time feeling in the mansion. Fikret is aware of his decision making by Adam, and he will not give it up. As soon as Dilara has a & # 39; Understand that the relationship between Adam and his Sun has taken great steps, he is become more remote. Although Süreyya has a huge impact on the situation, Esma's breach causes cold winds in the mansion. Faruk comes to an important decision when Fikret is learning to work with Adem again.

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