The latest Apple stories: Exploding iPhone X, new smart home appliances


In the main stories this week: Icon for iPhone X, Zuckerberg Apple, new home blinds and garage doors, and more. Read on for the tallest Apple stories this week.

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This week, we had an iPhone X case that was scanned. It seems that a & # 39; case happened just after updated by & # 39; User to iOS 12.1. A & # 39; The first thing Apple had on was on; The fact that the explosion was "unexpectedly being expected to behave," but his & her; company searching.

This week's New York Times published a bombing report on Facebook. In the story, Zuckerberg was said to ask Facebook activists to move to Android after Tim Cook was "frightening". Facebook is declaring this application, indeed.

It has also been reported on this week that Qualcomm is using a public business company to dispel Apple divisions. It is the only group on Facebook that is being posted; expresses that it is used against its competitors, but Qualcomm's attempts to enter among its & # 39; legal battle with Apple.

UnitedHealthcare announced a new venture this week that will give Apple Watch customers an award for special competitions. Read all the information about that promotion here.

Here are the rest of Apple's tallest stories this week …

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