The latest case of kidney dialysis is a & # 39; died in Hoa Binh


On November 21, according to sources Tuoi Tre Online, Hoa Binh Police Department investigated the decision that the accused was prosecuted Do Anh Tuan – director of Thien Son Company – to investigate unreasonable behavior; causing adverse effects. Tuan was suspended from leaving his home.

The most recent Vu 9 patient dialysis died in Hoa bình hinh tu 1
Dr. Luong and two guardians at the court hearing in May

At the end of the investigation, Hoa Binh Police is constantly giving the opinion that Mr Tuan is not responsible for offenders.

According to his case, Mr Truong Quy Duong – General Director General of Hoa Binh's General Hospital, signed his name; contract with Thien Son Company on 25/5/2017 to repair and maintain the RO 2 water screwdriver system.

But just on the date on which the contract was signed, Mr Do Anh Tuan has "returned" to Tram Anh Company to repair a water filtering system.

On May 28, 1974, Bui Manh Quoc – Anh Company Tram Manager – came to Hoa Binh Hospital to repair the RO water waste system for dragon dialysis but to maintain acid in the system.

Tran Van Son, hospital department department staff did not look at the repair of water specimens but did not collect samples for the water samples but still told the nurse that the system could usually be used.

The next day (29/5), doctor Hoang Cong Luong, who was assigned to take care of the single artificial environments, told nurses that the RO water treatment system had been repaired . Dr. did not Look at it, it did not tell the results of the output to the people who were getting up, and & # 39; also provides dialysis for 18 patients. After the disaster, nine patients died with kidney failure.


The lawyers claimed that their case was shows signs of offenders when hospital leaders and director of Thien Son Company were not stopped. Many lawyers also believe that there are signs of serious crime when there is a crime; Dr. Liang being in the care of incompatibility that adversely affects, but Dr. Liang a & # 39; Performing the job is only saving people who are not responsible for the equipment that is in place. South Westerly

The court has responded to the request for an additional inspection. Procorachd of the population in the Hoa Binh department has also applied twice for additional research.

So far, a review group on the name of the doctor Hoang Cong Luong has changed to "kill people badly".

Investigations also complained to Mr Hoang Dinh Khieu – General Deputy Director and Chief Executive of Provisional Rehabilitation Department, Tran Van Thang – Deputy Head of Department of Materials and Mr Truong Quy Duong – Deputy Divisional General Hospital Director. Sìth.

According to Than / Tuoi Tre

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