The latest decision of ANAF. Targeted on uninhabited people


In accordance with the draft Order for approval of the Procedure for verifying and verifying the health insurance contribution available to natural persons that does not generate income or other categories of persons specified in art.180 of the Code of Reference t and for approval of some forms,the natural resources which do not include income of the type mentioned in art. 155 of the Fiscal Code (salaries, pensions, taxes, fees, etc.) are at risk from CASS.

This can be paid as follows: t

– Monthly, by adding the individual salary level to the enumeration base which represents the lowest basic salary in each country, and is required to pay CASS for a period of 12 consecutive months, beginning with the t with the month in which the publication is recorded;

– when accessing the services provided by the public health insurance system by law, by submitting the declaration, applying the quota of the installation. on the calculation basis that represents 7 times the lowest national wage.

Also, individuals who earn income each month from other investments and / or sources are below the lowest economic earnings and do not fall into the categories of people who are free from their grant or contribution. in the categories from which the grant is paid. from other sources, ranging from CASS under the same conditions, respectively with individual quota enforcement (5.5%) to the overall economic wage.

"The social insurance payment will be paid monthly, by 25 per month, starting from the month after the date of publication or at the time of the confirmation. T depending on the option of the individual, "the ANAF message."

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