The latest DLB of Spider-Man is to spend her incredible short ideas


Spider-Man is more likely to be just the amazing countryman, or even the man behind Spidey mask. The support that comes as part of the Spider-friendly boss, his friends, family, neighbors – are just as vital. But as big as Spider-ManDLC content is trying to try, it's a short way to go to # 39; do those who support the stars of stars.

Wars, the second chapter in a series of new story missions for Marvel's Spider-Man named "The City That Never Sleeps", released this week, and in many of them it is similar to the first DLC chart that was released last year, The heistSouth Westerly

It adds some new chapters to a & # 39; game, more opportunities for familiar activities in the game to be basic to do, and some of the new attempts; for Peter to go in. He also emphasizes another important man in the life of Peter – except now, instead of being the director of Felicia Hardy (the Black Cat), is Yuri Watanabe, a friend of one -But alone at the NYPD. And it's too long to talk about any of the interesting ideas that he is doing; established.

After The heist The Hamsterhead mobster Magster saw a re-release of war between family crime, Wars to throw a & # 39; Most of her hours have a couple and her; shows how Yuri and the police – with some help from Spider-Man's friendly enemies – try, and failure to tackle the increase in crime.

He says something, thinking that the New York game version is not so close to months since it was submitted for a ' Getting a Winter As a result of her & # 39; a three-time threat of fatal breakdown, prison dispute, and the Sinister Six itself taking over Manhattan. That was all well, but the Maggia? The NYPD is up against its wall!

This attacks Yuri, which is being raised as a good chop, the hardest – and Wars just keeping her & # 39; she casts her while she goes down. He is actively engaged in her, as an attempt to bring Hammerhead after her. Going up in Harlem to quickly become a catastrophe killed by people under her command.

How Hammerhead's hold on the strongest and stronger and stronger township; Getting on the cross, Yuri is a & # 39; Find out to break points that will see her final mind – a & # 39; leaving Spider-Man and her strategies to go on a personal bet for revenge against Hammerhead, with the hopes of taking as much a Milaggy as long as she will be with her.

As Peter himself finds himself in a race against a time to stop both Hammerhead and Yuri, he ends up completely in breaking his face. Seeing that Yuri seems to have released the translator in front of Patrick and a rod of couples (spoilers: he will still continue, as this is a comic book video game; and b) it is available well thick one).

This is all very interesting, but Wars the way is too short and the way too small to give weight to the complex weights; him. Hammerhead, who is now one of two DLC pieces (even though he is The heist Almost he's not heard much) and perhaps a third, has been covered.

It's a great deal to come to the scene as a danger, so it seems that he can not lose his death; Feeling that he does not feel out of the sense that "The City That Never Sleeps" needs to be on his / her; Doc Ock itself, but it's been a characteristic that it's hard to be careful. Afterward, the spirit is down at Yuri's feeling that it's a bit. travel as soon as it is not & # 39; Feeling he has won.

She's going to & # 39; Feeling that she has done something thermal by calling the families of the cops that died on her watch, to go to # 39; shear and shoot a whole bar full of Maggia craftsmen in a couple of stories, and you're naturally spending a time with Peter as a leading musician, you will never get what Yuri is going to go through her despite her story drive so much of it WarsSouth Westerly

He is unhappy because there are some ways that are easy in Yuri's arc Wars Having been treated much better – because it's right in the comics she came in the first place. Introduced Spider-Man amazing back in 2009, Yuri, as in the game, was a police captain.

But eventually she is a wreath of Wraith, working outside police suppression to frighten the unintentional heart of New York. She worked with Spider-Man several times to have a story called "Spiral" a few years ago, where his religion in the justice system was surrounded by a scandal that is a & # 39; getting a gravestone out of love.

The event began on a new crime war and finally he saw Yuri's Spider-Man decision where the line is drawn on emotional violence – after, fascinatingly, she is handled by another man Marvel's Spider-Man figure, Mister Negative.

There is clear coherence to what Marvel's Spider-Man trying to do with Yuri's arc to go on in the comics. there were Wars He spent the time to build up his affectionate, there would be an interesting balance with the production of Otto Octavius's main game – and how revenge can bring the closest and most charitable people to Patrick, in a way that he never let him use when he first became the Spider-Man.

But Wars It's too short, too slow, and he also worries Patrick as his lens to the story so that she will sell Yuri to sell her own arc.

It means it's a # 39; falling from grace as the only cop who is willing to work with Spider-Man to a genetic sense that kills whiplash tonal – and above all, it's hard to be careful, especially if the third chapter of "The City That Never Sleeps" ends its end; Raising Yuri's story thread, just like Wars He did not pick up anything left from Arc Felicia The heistSouth Westerly

Most of it Marvel's Spider-Man a great pleasure in & # 39; affecting what we know from decades of societies so that they know they are familiar, it seems Wars have been more loyal than it is by spending time to remove a page out of those books.

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