The latest information about a deputy headteacher killed his father's bank department, and abolish the mother and her wounded sister


Tuesday, February 12, 2019 07:55 AM (GMT + 7)

After causing a scandalous murder, Tuan was put to blood test and decided that he was negative for drugs.

The latest information about the deputy director of his father's bank department, and abolish the mother and her wounded sister - 1

Tuan's relatives kept a funeral ceremony for Mr H.

On February 12, Mr Nguyen Huy Phuc – General Manager of Chi Loc District, Nghe An, said that the hospital is currently dealing with Truong Manh Tuan (SN 1987, living in Xuan Son, commi Nghi). Thach, Chi Loc area).

According to Mr Puc, on the 11th of February, Tuan was sent into an emergency hospital with the police force in a state of decree and ban. The hospital has done fast exams; results, negative topics for drugs. After surgery, Tuan's health again gradually evolved. At the moment it is being treated by the hospital under police management.

Earlier at about 22:30 on February 10, Truong Manh Tuan (SN 1987, living in Thai Thach societies) came home when he knocked a knife suddenly to kill his father, Mr T.C.H. (SN 1958).

Not to stop it, Tuan continued to go to her; using knives to attack his mother and sister (pregnant with a child), causing two men to be wounded. After he has done his & her; The Tian took the knife and drove the car to Highway 46 to go to Nam Cam's interplay.

Getting news from people, Chi Loc area police are used to try. On the morning of the 11th of February, the police controlled Tuan the subject in an unstable mental state.

It is known that Truong Manh Tuan is currently a former manager of a bank bank closed in Cua Lo Town (Nghe An). On the afternoon of the same day, Tuan went to a party with his friends.

At the time of the event, Tuan's wife and a 3-year-old fled to avoid injuries.

Also, according to information from Tuan's family, Tuan's youngest sister after Tuan had been gutted on his wounds.

At this time, the case is investigated and clarified by authorities.

Showcase office purpose bank to kill his father, spread his mother and sister very much

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