The latest list of the phones broadcast the largest and smallest radiation


The latest list of the phones broadcast the largest and smallest radiation

Latest list, which was published by the German Army Office for Flame Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz), which showed the degree of radiation; Some of the oldest and oldest smartphones disappear. The data is published in watts per kilogram, and "safer" phones are those with lower score.

According to this list, the phone is the one that gives the highest levels of radiation Xiaomi Mi A1, which leaves 1.75 watt of radiation per kilogram. It is behind him OnePlus 5T with 1.68 watts per kilogram. Some of the other common phones on this OnePlus 6T list (fourth place with 1.55 watts per kg), Pixel 3 XL (1.39 bats per kg), Pixel 3 (1.33 Watt per kilogram) and Apple iPhone 8 (1.32 bats per kg).


It should be remembered that there is no specific number that threatens the phone to use. The German Environmental Protection Group (Der Blaue Engel – Blue Angel) fails to confirm phones with 0.60 watts per kilogram or lower level of radiation. This means that every phone from the list above is spread more than the two radiation from what the group agrees.

When it comes to phones that drop at least levels of radiation, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and ZTE Axon Elite are just 0.17 watts per kilogram. Behind the LG G7 ThinQ and Samsung Galaxy A8 with 0.24 watt per kilogram. When we talk about Samsung, it is important to be aware that half of the phones in this "verbal" list are made by the South Choir company.


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