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Several days will be different from the most popular online and electronic sales activist, Sunday, called the "Black Friday" in the United States. Many Arab stocks also offer great light-liters on the day,

You need to be careful, so that you are not at risk of being cut or swept away, as on Black Friday, many of the pirates are focused on e-commerce site users.

Al-Jazirah Al-Aswadah offers advice to protect your data as long as you are in. buy online.

First, make sure the security of the website is where you will buy online

It may be difficult to determine a website security features if you do not know what you are looking for, so here you should check before registering up :

You should always be looking for an SSL certificate, and you can easily check as follows:

– Before submitting a credit card or any other confidential information, make sure that the web site in your browser's address address is green or no. Start with HTTPS, not HTTP. This is called SSL – a Safe Socket, which defends business over the internet by clicking on "#; keep data confidentiality while it is & # 39; travel through encryption sites, & # 39; Your data is not visible to trailers.

While you are & # 39; Buying a website, some security features may not be available, and there are other ways to help you to be safe online:

1. Use multi-password password when you sign in

If you use simple password during registration as 123456, ABC, phone number and so, you will get all your data, as it will not be difficult to go through, so be careful to use complex password by letters, numbers and symbols.

2 – Stay away from using the same password for each site and accounts

Using the same password for more than one account or more online shopping site is something that you are doing; do wrong because it hurts you by draggers.

3. You did not save your password and registration information on your phone

The first thing a searcher does if they find your hard password to & # 39; Apply desirable software on your device that attempts to get into the sites, to steal and find passwords.

4. Be careful from connecting to non-trustworthy email messages or dealing with links that you have; look attractive and sometimes free

Pirates attempts to enter into an email form. Click on the links or files to be downloaded from unknown sources, as they will bring you to a fictional website built to capture your personal information.

There is often a message or grammatical errors in loose messages that make it easier to find.

5. Use real virtual VPN when you connect to a free Wi-Fi network

The worst thing you can do is to & # 39; Buy online by connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, because you are in a position; appear to be a special breach, so if you're trying to buy the "Black Friday" opportunity while long & you are outside and connect to a Wi-Fi network, To own security by using VPN, which will add the data you enter and receive from sites- in. If someone is going to trying to steal you, they only have a set of crioptte data.

6 – Ensure the current day of your business and bank motions

Be aware of day trading "Black Friday", and continue with your account and move it down if you find any transactions that you do not; remember and you can not identify it.

And contact our bank directly through our service to our users to help and maintain you.

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